5 reasons not to stop work on the SEO during COVID-19 flash

Author: Tony Wright (Tony Wright) - CEO of WrightIMC , veteran search marketing. It is working in SEO since 1997.

Global pandemic, known as COVID-19, has affected almost every sphere of life of people worldwide.

The global economy is suffering from the epidemic, the company changed strategy, save money and prepare for the worst.

But the reality is that business can thrive and idle periods. In this new world, too, will have its winners and losers. And many of the winners will be investing heavily in search engine marketing.

In this article we will look at 5 reasons why you should continue to work on SEM in these difficult times.

1. Search engine marketing can bring real money

During downtimes economy money - force. During these periods, survive those who have the cash or cash inflows to survive the hard times.

The only marketing technique that ensures a higher ROI than search engine marketing - this email-newsletter.

However, mailing lists do not grow on trees. They can be obtained by creating a demand, and search engine marketing - this is one of the best tools to achieve this goal.

But this does not apply to the case.

Search marketing, both paid and organic, it reaches the consumer, when the latter is in a state of need.

Forget about attribution and the top of the funnel.

Search engine marketing generates sales and of leads because the consumer is already associated with your brand, he is looking for your product or service.

At the same time people are still in need of goods and services, even if they live in quarantine.

In fact, when people are for the most part at home, they are looking for even more, not less. By placing your brand in their field of vision, you speed up the decision to purchase.

Even if the overall sales of your goods or services falling because of the economy or of the pandemic, you can offset some of their losses by investing in a comprehensive program of search engine marketing, which will allow you to reach those consumers who are still willing to make purchases.

2. Result from investments in the search can be measured

If you are aiming at the top of the funnel, but lack the resources, it makes sense to refocus its efforts on consumers with more expression of the intention to make a purchase.

Search engine marketing is focused on this category of users, but more importantly, you can prove that your work has been effective.

In contrast, work on the brand recognition, it is easier to evaluate the effectiveness in the case of search engine marketing. All you have to do is look at the sales or leads in intelligence system.

This makes it possible to optimize the budget and workflows as needed.

In the coming months buying behavior required to undergo significant changes. In this situation, it is important that your actions on promotion based on the data.

Search engine marketing is by nature reactive. Competent marketers react to data and change tactics accordingly. So they can move their budgets on those key phrases that may be more an expression of intention to purchase or promote content that will match the current mood of consumers.

But ultimately, if you do not have a big budget, every dollar spent must be effective.

With the help of search engine marketing, you can pretty quickly see if your investment work for you.

3. When there is a shortage, people are looking for

We all are already seeing signs that some of the goods will be difficult to find in the near future.

When goods are scarce, consumers are looking for them. If the goods are not available, they will look for alternatives.

If you can be in the search results when people search for scarce goods or services, your business can get a huge advantage.

Those types of deficiency that we can see in the coming months, will be unprecedented for many of us.

Prospective marketers will look for opportunities to:

  • Capitalizing on the lack of certain items;
  • Start of work on the ranking of the needs associated with these items.

Many SEO-experts will conduct linkbildingovye campaigns related to alternatives to those products that are prohibitively expensive and difficult to find.

Those who can benefit from SEO, will be in a better position, since their costs for keywords related to scarce goods, with an increase in demand is likely to grow.

4. People still need goods and services

Despite the fact that some Facebook users have panicked, end of the world has not yet come, and people still need goods and services. And as we have mentioned above, search engine marketing - both organic and paid - is the best way to attract consumers who are ready to make a purchase.

We do not claim that search engine marketing - it's always a quick fix, but to launch a campaign to Google Ads, for example, you need only a few hours, or even less.

When management starts to panic, the proposal to launch a marketing campaign on search engines can calm him down for a while. Especially, if earlier, such activity is not carried out.

5. In the end, all ustakanilos

Over time, all is normalized. The world might be different with the new regulations, but the situation has stabilized, and search engine marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers.

Those companies that are implementing effective promotion programs during downtime, will be awarded when all normal. Especially those who invest in search engine optimization.

Although the results of SEO can be quite rapid, the overall effectiveness of search engine optimization can not be achieved overnight.

To conduct an effective SEO-campaign takes time. At the same time working on search engine optimization is now in a period of global restructuring and changes, you can lay the foundation to receive the results for years to come.

And these results can provide your company's revenue, which will enable it to survive the hard times.

We therefore call upon all companies either to continue or to start active work on search marketing.

We remember what happened in 2009, and now the situation is not much different.

Start today and you say thank us tomorrow.

Source: Search Engine Journal
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