Twofold increase in search traffic for 7 months

Author: Pavel Penkov, a leading SEO-experts in the company Mello

Information about the project:

Client: Dealer Kia cars in Volgograd.

Region promotion: Volgograd.

Objective: The main objective was to increase site traffic through the withdrawal of the top-10 the maximum possible number of requests.

Start of works: July 2019.

Project Topics:

Achieving the goal is complicated by several factors:

  1. Age site. The site was created a few months earlier and joined us in the work at the age of less than a year.
  2. The presence of other dealers' websites in the region, which are all as one similar to each other, and most importantly - on the website-importer, is a major feature of working with car dealers. The identity of the internal filling of the site. Pages of our client's website contain exactly the same information as the sites of competitors. In addition, price and functionality has also been identical;
  3. A functional administration panel site is very limited, so the scope of implemented recommendations was low;

Indicators at the start of works:

At the start it was collected semantic core volume 400+ requests.

At the beginning of the work - in July 2019, we had only 17% of the requests in the top 10, in fact - in the top 100 were only 30% of requests, with an average position of 75:

Position in the context of car brands:

Attendance at the start

Transitions from search engines were, on average, about 850 unique visitors per month.

Scope of work

Technical optimization

Problems were identified and compiled recommendations for configuring:

  1. Call of the robots.txt file;
  2. Eliminate duplicate pages;
  3. page load time.

commercial factors

To set up commercial factors, we have prepared the following recommendations:

  1. Adjustment contacts page;
  2. Setting mikrorazmetki;
  3. Addition information about the company.

semantic kernel

It was collected semantic core, which is determined on the basis of competition, the structure of the site and made promotional strategy for the coming months.

page optimization

It was searched and competitor analysis of Volgograd, especially the content of their sites page types. Based on the data obtained have been developed recommendations on the content and text of site optimization of landing pages.

Particular attention was paid to work on optimizing the title for the site's landing page:

  1. We showed the most frequency phrases for maximum coverage in the title;
  2. We identified the most frequent word order in key phrases;
  3. We analyzed the title of the competition topu;
  4. We put a number of experiments to search for the most relevant schemes for the preparation of meta tags;
  5. Introduced a complete meta tags to your site.

results achieved

The dynamics of the main types of indicators

After seven months of work on search engine optimization we have achieved the following results:

* despite the worsening position of the site seasonal demand will still continue to grow.

The percentage of requests in the top 10 increased from 16% to 80%:

Coverage of demand increased by 40%:

Potential traffic Ptraf (% Ptraf max) increased from 21% to 43%:

Ptraf increased from 200 to 400:


The number of visitors has increased by more than 2-fold, from 854 to 1800 per month.

Here we see a clear correlation with the index of traffic Ptraf (At growth Ptraf doubled, traffic has also increased in 2 times):


The achieved results clearly demonstrate the need to use all available resources for work on the optimization of a site, even with limited functionality and limited the ability to make changes on the part of the customer.


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