SEO 2020: current trends and approaches

Author: Mueller Britney (Britney Muller) - Senior Fellow for SEO, Moz.

January 1, 2020 began the new decade, new opportunities and prospects. But does this mean that search engine optimization is now also to be another? This question was the subject of the next issue of Whiteboard Friday in Moz.

In this article we will look at a check-list, consisting of 17 points. This list will include those things that are the foundation of a modern and efficient SEO.

The check-list you will find both the basic problem (optimizing title tags, etc.), as well as cutting-edge ideas that should be considered when developing SEO-strategy this year and beyond.

1. Basic SEO is still important

Tags title, meta tags, header tags, alt text, page loading speed, robots. txt, Sitemap files, UX, conversion optimization (CRO), Google Analytics, etc.

Basic aspects of search engine optimization will continue to be very important in 2020.

Recently, the industry's discussions were held on the need for alternative text and similar things. If Google is so advanced in image recognition, why add this text?

We believe that the current alternative text content is important from the point of view of availability for all users, including people with disabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to add these reasons.

We also encourage you to experiment with the Visual API from Google, to see how well the search engine recognizes that appear in the image. It's really interesting.

2. structured data markup

FAQ, Breadcrumbs, News, Business Info, etc. markup is still important. This applies to lists of frequently asked questions (FAQ), «bread crumbs», company information, and other content types.

Marking News , which now appears in the voice search results, is also interesting.

In the future there will be even more types of structured data that can be used on site to produce new types of enhanced results.

3. A study of factors influencing the ranking of a particular subject

In a sea of papers, studies and information about how we need to move in any direction, it is important to take a strategic position and think about what is important in a particular industry and subject matter.

It is clear that there are common trends and the things that are important to virtually all - such as page load speed. However, if you try to understand what factors ranking is more important in a particular niche, you can better prioritize their actions and make better use of the incoming information.

4. Local listing, rather than a national

The importance of getting into the localized SERP.

We need to localize the search results to get a more accurate and precise picture of what is happening in the SERP.

Many experts believe that an important factor for the promotion in the search is EAT. But it has always been a factor - at least the last 10+ years. And we must continue to work in this direction, despite the update of search algorithms.

5. High-quality and useful content

Although we can not optimize your site for BERT, we can create more high-quality content for NLP (Natural Language Processing - natural language processing).

Content optimization for NLP helps make it more accessible to BERT.

If you do not have a goal, then you can easily create great content that users need.

6. Understanding and meeting the search intent / intent

Recently in SEO there is a shift from the use of highly accurate and specific keywords to a better understanding of the intent that lies behind these phrases.

How can we use this understanding to meet the needs of users?

One way - to see that Google returns for a particular keyword. Search engine understands what users are looking for when using certain words in a search query.

Do these pages some common theme? Make your content in such a way that it helps the user to fulfill his task.

For example, you can write the best article in the world of homemade costumes for Halloween, but if you do not add it in the image, it never will get on the first page.

7. Marrow and thematic relevance

Enlist a good understanding of your audience and what these users are looking for.

What are these thematic clusters that users are looking for in a particular space? What is the essence - people, places or things that people are exploring in your niche? As you can better organize your site to answer these questions?

8. Optimize for the selected snippets

In the foreseeable future elected snippets (featured snippets) are not going anywhere.

As for optimization, you first need to find those keywords, which already displays these blocks. This is your opportunity. If you configure the front page, then you have a very big chance to take the coveted "zero" position.

To do this, you need to your content is well structured and designed in the form of easy to understand listings, conclusions, definitions, etc. Observe that make the sites that are already displayed in blocks with answers, and try to make it better.

9. Invest in visual content

In recent years, we see that Google pays more attention to visual content. Be it a unique image or video content structured, everything is very valuable for SEO. So, thanks to Google may be marking your search results just those fragments of a video, the user needs.

10. Increase involvement

It is always good and it should have been done before. As said Google employee Gary Ilsh "Comments for better on-site involvement than the social cues."

This phrase can be interpreted in different ways, but we believe that the high levels of engagement, and community building will continue to be extremely important in the future.

11. Use your content again

Blog post → Presentation → Audio → Video

Determine the most effective of the page and then try to re-use them. For example, in a presentation at SlideShare, YouTube videos, various pins in Pinterest or answers in Quora. This will allow you to expand your coverage online.

You can also think about how, in what format can be conveniently "consume" your content.

For example, our editions of Whiteboard Friday are available in text form, as well as in the record, which you can listen to on the way to work.

Offers its users different versions of your content consumption.

12. Remove the lower or improve the quality of the page

According to our experience and the experience of other SEO-experts , the technique of "pruning" is very effective for improving the quality of the whole site.

In this connection, think about the definition and removal from the index of low-quality pages. This is especially true for large sites where the results of such action are usually the most noticeable.

13. Get feedback from customers

Understanding your target audience has always been very important and will remain so. Get feedback from users and consider it to more effectively meet the needs of its customers.

14. Look for new features on the keywords to use Google Search Console

Search Console - a source of large amounts of data on keywords that, surprisingly, use only a very few.

Exporting the maximum data-related requests, CTR, position, and impressions, you can create a simple visualization of the search for new opportunities.

For example, if the position of the keyword and its CTR, is where you will have a high CTR, but low position in the ranking? What are these keywords? This is extremely valuable information.

This analysis can be carried out using different tools. We recommend the free service the Facets , created by Google for machine learning.

15. Keywords related to the intention to link

Zeroing in on those keywords, backed by the intention to refer / link supply. If we talk about the content, it may be statistics or facts.

For example, experts want to refer to the specific data in a presentation or report.

If you can create high-quality content that focuses on these questions, you can quite easily and naturally getting new links to your site.

16. Podcasts

No matter who you are - a guest or host a podcast, this type of content is very easy to collect links.

Creating podcasts - it's an interesting and effective tactic linkbildinga, which will operate in 2020 and beyond.

17. The unique study

Consider conducting your own research, which would be useful and valuable to users, but not too commercial.


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