Integrate and implement: User promotion VKontakte groups in search

Service experts Rookee conducted a study and told what steps need to consistently do to effectively promote the group VKontakte in the top search engines.

Social Networking - an excellent tool to attract potential customers, which helps to set up the primary contact with the company. But direct sales through groups in social networks is still a rarity.

With the advancement in Yandex and Google it is different - from the search on the site gets interested audience that is often already familiar with the product and are looking for something specific.

One may argue which of the channels is steeper, but even better to combine them to achieve common business goals.

Why engage in SEO-promotion groups in social networks:

  • To bring customers from the search, even if the company does not have a site, and the group is in the social networks. Should not be limited or targeted contextual advertising. Traffic from search, you can "collect" and the presence of groups in social networks.
  • Increase the volume of traffic due to the fact that it is possible to take multiple positions in the top search engines thanks to promote the site and groups in social networks. In this case, there is no risk filters imposing sanctions and search engines, as there is no connection between the domains. Plus it work on traffic growth in the brand needs.
  • Speed up the report of the information to the client. Website promotion in search engines takes 4 months or more, while it takes time to index changes and the gradual set of important indicators such as customer loyalty. All this is a really important stage of business development, but as long as the site is planned to conquer the stamp, it is possible to start a dialogue with customers in the search engines with the help of groups in social networks.

Step by step instructions how to move a group on the social networks in search

1. Selection of semantics and clustering keys

At the top of search engines often get:

  • Main page with exact entry key (promoted by the word) in the names of the groups;
  • page "Discussions".

Investigation Rookee showed that well show themselves in the pages of the new publication format editor. Wiki-pages are ranked worse (to grant they are usually on the information requests, but in small quantities). Page "Entries" are almost never found in the issue as a separate landing.

Semantic core principles for the selection of groups in social networks similar to SEO principles. But do not choose too many keywords on a page.

On the main page in the social networks you want to use best suited to the main direction of business keywords. Under the remaining clusters are discussion pages in the new editor or wiki format.

EXAMPLE selection semantic core group in social networks:

2. Collect items

We recommend to use one of the services that allows you to collect items for a particular specified URL, not on the domain. For example, , which is quite accurate positions in different regions.

Because the URL of the panel discussions are structured type (not related to the main URL group), to track these pages can be used two ways:

  1. As part of a campaign - add the URL as "competitors" in the settings.
  2. Create a separate campaign for each page, not related to the structure of the URL group.

3. Internal optimization

The keyword in the URL group

To effectively promote the desirable presence of the main keyword or keyword phrase in the URL group. Add it in the section "Summary" in the group management settings:

The key word in the title of the group / title of the new page

The band's name is made in the "Summary" in the group management settings. For a discussion of using the field "Title". Subtitles the wiki-page tags are formed in accordance with the syntax of the wiki markup.

Fundamental rules:

  • The group name is added to the key phrase that is the basis for this line of business. It is advisable to use the exact match query.
  • At the beginning of the title, or the discussion of the title wiki-pages should be used most frequency of key cluster for a given page.
  • It is desirable to use a current occurrence or diluted 1-2 occurrences of words of exact forms of keywords (if moving multiple raznokorennyh keys).

The maximum size of the group name - 48 characters (including spaces). The maximum size of the header discussions - 255 characters (including spaces), but it is advisable to use 40-70 characters.

Keywords in the description, the status, on the wall of the group

When the location of keywords you need to bear in mind that a search engine may generate a snippet on the basis of that part of the text, which includes the key. The proposal should be small, carry meaning and motivate a click.

The best place for keywords - the description of the community, but you can duplicate your search query in the status of the group (called). Especially the pages on which the tab "Information" is not the first visible part. The wording of the status and description need not be identical to each other and the group name.

It is important that the keywords and their word forms, synonyms, and words that define the subject matter, also included in the top positions on the wall - the first in the range of 9-12 positions (lower positions are not indexed).

fixed positions

Fixed positions - a good option for generating static information with occurrences keys. But it is better not to use this functionality unless absolutely necessary, as there are nuances:

  • Subsequent removal of the post may be at a loss position. Therefore, we must be careful about what exactly will be in this post, and remove it.
  • Often put at the top of the community secured a post with text, a wiki-menu or picture. Please note that this post will cover the description, and if fasting will not be fixed occurrences of key phrases, the group will rank worse.
  • When attaching post is lost usefulness of describing the group. Despite the fact that the description is in the source, the ranking it ceases to be a positive influence.

If it is necessary to use a wiki-menu, it is better to place it in another tab, which by default is not in sight, and is called "Breaking News" (you can rename it). The groups on the front page of all can be divided into three tabs. In pablike - two.

Example of the third tabs with a fixed post, and wiki-menu:

Images and hashtags

Themed images and hashtags will be a plus for the promotion. This may be themed galleries with respective names, signatures and descriptions; photo in the format of "before and after" photos or infographics different positions in different types.

  • Max. "Weight" of the loaded photos - 5 MB;
  • Max. description length pictures - 255 characters.

Upgrade walls and materials

Update your information in the group - is not the most significant factor for SEO, but important for the SMM.

It is better to do a rare update content than ever to repost someone else's writing or page. When you publish a new post should be considered the requests that are ranked on the front page. The search engines take into account the entry in the first 3-4 post on the wall, so when they "leave" down, it is important to duplicate the entry requests of the cluster in the new posts.

4. External factors

Links to other groups

Limitations on the number of no: the more, the better. Links have a positive impact on the indexing and ranking.

External links purchased

External links are working, but are beginning to be taken into account immediately after indexing.

The approximate number of links exchange:

  • 4-5 LF queries;
  • 8-10 in HF requests.

Recommended use 2/3 of links with anchors - the exact form of the query, 1/3 - bezankornye links. If a group uses the section "Products", plus will dilute the commercial anchor list with "buy", "price" and so on. D. For regionally targeted resources can be used in place names or ANCOR okoloankornom text.

Geo-tag for business groups

Specify the location makes sense in any case. If the business is targeted to a specific region, the more it is worth adding geotags, specifying the address of the office or shop.

You can do this in the settings, see "More Information" section:

City is optional, if the business is not tied to a particular city - leaving only the country.

And finally, share useful information, which will help in promoting. Save to your bookmarks: - data on the various limits and restrictions VKontakte. - everything about wiki-markup and wiki-pages.


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