8 SEO-important trends that are worth paying attention to in 2020

Leading SEO-experts Rookee Anton Moise about what strategies and tactics will work in the next year.

End of December - it's time to look at what's in store search engine optimization in 2020. Although some trends of last year continue, the new changes will bring their own. If you want to make your site and business remained popular with users and search engines, you need to be aware of the latest trends.

Introducing 8 trends that, according to Western experts and Rookee service professionals need to know in 2020.

Tendency № 1: issuing Monopolisation

A situation where the search engines give more traffic to their services and content.

Organic issuance in Yandex and Google reduced in all segments, occupy the top advertising and numerous services of search engines. It is necessary to consider and take action, paying more attention to local SEO and promotion by means of geo-services.

Founder Zyppy Cyrus Shepard believes that the key will be to adapt to the search for zero-click:

"More and more brand marketing takes place in the Google, and not necessarily on your site. Smart marketers will need to learn to adapt and take advantage of it. This includes base tactics to increase the actual clicks on impressions, such as optimization of selected fragments using new schemes (e.g., FAQ and HowTo), targeting and image optimization favicon ».

In 2020, we will continue to see more localization in search results, with a lot of map packages, the ranking of news and events and the departure from the traditional organic search.

The trend number 2: BERT and user-oriented optimization

The 2019 launch of the new Google search engine algorithm BERT has become an important event for the whole search engine optimization. BERT - is a new technology designed to better distinguish the context of the search query.

Google has made a huge step forward in the search for really appropriate responses to user requests, and not just coincidences of words.

In 2020, the content must be written not just by words and key phrases that people might look for. The text should meet the user's intentions. The most forward-thinking marketers will include a survey of clients in a plan to optimize the site to better understand what really wants their audience.

Tendency № 3: Qualitative optimized content

Anna Crowe, associate editor of the popular in the west of the publication Search Engine Journal, believes that there is one thing that has been and will be the basis of life SEO - is the content.

The SEO content affects everything from the site structure to link strategy. To succeed in 2020, brands will have to publish something truly unique and valuable. This means that you need to learn how to write, or to hire people who know how to do it.

Aerobatics - to create content that anticipates the user questions. "Know what answers the user needs more" - advises Jessica Levenson at SEO IBM consultant.

To do this:

  • Understand who your audience is and how she is looking for.
  • Predict the intentions behind the questions asked by users are, or problems that they need to solve.
  • To give them the answers or solutions to the formats they prefer, using high-quality and authoritative content.
  • Create a positive experience that again and again will serve their needs.
  • Not be repeated and improved, because if you do it well once, it does not mean that someone else will do better.

Aji Frost, Head of Content Marketing HubSpot, advises to pay attention to the content cannibalization:

"I would recommend to carry out an audit of all of your content for a match, routing and archiving, as necessary, so that each page had a unique set of keywords. If your site covers the same topics over and over again, even if you parse these issues from different angles, your pages will knock each other out of the search results. "

"2020 - the time to invest in good content localization, - the president AJPR Motoko Hunt. - The websites of many international companies placed poorly translated content that is not adapted to the local population. It's not about keywords and how clear the content of the audience. "

The trend number 4: EAT Google, «Vega» Yandex and your unfair advantage

In 2020, Google will continue to study the overall reputation (EAT - expertise, credibility and reliability) of the brand and those who publish content on its behalf. Companies are struggling with a bad reputation, have a problem with service clients or users confidence in their products, it will be harder to compete.

Owner Kalicube.pro Jason Barnard warns:

"Offline goes online. Every business needs to find its unfair advantage. All offline events, conferences, awards, partnerships suddenly acquire great importance. We need to publicly display them on your pages to show its credibility and reliability. "

In turn, Yandex submitted more search Update December 17, 2019 "Vega", thanks to which users will be able to solve hyperlocal task - to find the right in a particular neighborhood, or even a quarter of the house. The social network for neighbors Yandeks.Rayon appeared chats, where they can socialize residents of the same home. A service Yandeks.Uslugi learned to show the supply of services on the map. Now users can access Yandex with the tasks that were previously dealt mostly offline: from finding the escaped cat to call home plumbing.

Alexis Sanders, Senior Marketing Manager in the Merkle, shared several ways to obtain a competitive advantage, you need to reflect on the website and in the company card:

  • superiority in the supply chain (e.g., delivery for 2 days (or less) with the appropriate status updates);
  • customer service (eg, the ability to answer the user's question with a minimum of time);
  • User experience (for example, whether your experience more convenient / helpful / easy);
  • price;
  • niche products.

The trend number 5: UX and technical optimization

When we talk about technical optimization and UX, first of all mean the site speed and each of its pages.

The trend for several years, but it became much more apparent this year. In 2020, it will expand due to the popularization of business applications, as well as the need to automate tasks SEO for large sites and machine learning.

The trend number 6: Mobile SEO

Surprised to see mobile SEO among the important trends in 2020? Yes, this is still true. Mobile SEO is developing and should not be limited to the creation of responsive design or mobile site. It is necessary to analyze the actual mobile search results, in order to know how much traffic to expect and what strategy will be really successful.

Tendency № 7: Structured data

Everyone knows that quality content is important, but the algorithms still do not fully understand the context. So the search engines should give "hints" to better understand and broadcast content to users.

Structuring data helps search engines to better understand not only what is on the page, but also how each element is associated with other elements on the page and how the page is linked to the other site.

This allows you to publish your content for any search engine, voice assistant, chat bot so as to provide services to customers on any surface and in any moment of interaction.

Tendency № 8: Automation

SEO Automation helps companies harness the power of the basics of marketing:

  • branding;
  • creating impressions;
  • storytelling;
  • speak the language of your client;
  • listen to your target market and give a thoughtful / timely responses;
  • to provide a simple and user-friendly content (like this want your users);
  • be humane.

With the help of new technologies, companies can handle huge amounts of data to better understand the needs of its customers.

Chapter Catalyst Paul Shapiro said:

"There are real benefits go beyond the limits of Excel for analysis. Include other sources of data for understanding. Apply machine learning to solve complex problems. This allows you to quickly and efficiently make decisions that usually take considerable time and require human intervention. "


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