7 decisions on accepting online payments for webmasters from FONDY

In 2019 3.992 million legal entities and 3.996 million individual entrepreneurs registered in Russia. Acceptance of online payments - is one way to significantly increase the number of customers and the company's profit, beating competitors without significant investments.

FONDY platform offered to the Russian businessmen full-fledged system of Internet acquiring . Small companies can use 7 different solutions for accepting payments from customers on Internet resources, social networks and mobile applications. a free connection system.

Solution 1. Payment button - accept payments online without any extra manipulation

Payment button allows for a few minutes to connect the payment to the site without hiring a web developer. While some companies spend time and money on the services of specialists whose work is not always as expected, you can simply copy the code and paste it where you want on the resource.

In your personal account you can customize the design of the payment button, selecting the most suitable for your website style. Once a customer clicks on the button, it is automatically redirected to the payment page without any extra downloads. The user can instantly Pay a convenient way, which will increase customer loyalty.

Payment button adapted for different platforms: desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets, even game consoles. Pay customer can bank cards Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards from any country.

Solution 2: Plug-ins for CMS - a connection accepting payments without interfering with the site code

Previous method allows convenient and safe to add Internet acquiring service, but requires the introduction of a small code into the site. If the person does not want to make changes, then just download, install and activate the plugin.

FONDY platform developed payment modules for 30+ CMS, given WordPress, Magento and Drupal. On the official website for each CMS has step by step instructions with screenshots to help implement the acceptance of payments for 2-3 minutes. If you do not see the desired content management system, it is enough to write in support of the service - the company always develops new effective modules!

Solution 3: Accelerated payment order in 1 click

In today's world everyone appreciates own time trying to automate routine actions. FONDY platform at the first payment the purchaser stores the data. In further details are set automatically, so the payment order to the client enough to make 1 click. The ability to quickly pay a positive impact on the attitude of the company, increasing the chances of getting a regular customer.

The main thing - tokenization ensures secure payment acceptance. When you pay the order the user sees is not all bank card number and the last 4 digits. The seller and the fraudsters can not get the details, but a complex system of encryption increases security when you pay the order.

Solution 4: Online invoices - accepts payments in social networks

online invoicing system allows you to organize payments without your own site. This technology eliminates the need to ask customers in social networks to send money to the card, and after - to send a screenshot as proof. Now, sellers do not need to make any unnecessary movements, risking torn order, and customers - to spend their time on the passage of a constant check payment.

To use this method of accepting payments, you need to fill out and send to the client account link in any convenient way: in private correspondence in social networks, e-mail, in a message on the phone, and so on. User clicks on the link, enters the details, pay the order.

FONDY platform allows you to send invoices in foreign currencies, including the dollar, euro and pound, with automatic conversion. In your personal account, you can view the history of invoicing. In addition, you can immediately download the client list and the amounts to be paid, and the system will send the invoice to the specified addresses.

Solution 5: Connect the Internet acquiring - increase turnover

Each company aims to lead the customer directly to the payment of the order. Next you need to provide him with the most simple process, so that he received the goods, and you - the money. To do this, we have built our own system, whereby each transaction is approved.

To increase the income of our partners we hooked support 36+ payment methods and 150+ currencies. In order to achieve maximum conversion customer payments are processed simultaneously in several Russian banks. If the acquiring bank rejects the transaction, then it is transferred to another banking organization based on a positive response.

Solution 6 Operating Interface painless return

Making purchases in the online store, you may have noticed that the funds are not immediately debited from the account. While others connected the whole IT-team for this technological solution, you only need to implement the acceptance of payments from FONDY. After connecting the first money blocked on the account, and after confirmation of the presence of goods - are debited from the customer's account.

In addition, the owner of an online store receives an automated remittance process when returning the goods. Once you confirm the return, the system will automatically send the money back to the account of the buyer. The process takes only 2-3 minutes, although in other stores, it takes 7-14 days.

The result - no negative feedback received by a loyal and regular customer. He will recommend you to their friends, bringing new buyers.

Solution 7: Get rid of abandoned baskets - Increase conversion with Apple Pay

Most of the companies are working on the client's path from the moment of entering the online store to the product page, forgetting about the process of ordering. But you can be distracted by a phone call, and after - to close the tab with your site, completely forgetting about the payment order.

Besides, the payment process deters many customers: buyer needs to find a purse to get a bank card, enter the details. If the amount is large, then the bank will send an SMS with a code to confirm, on the expectation that, too, takes time. In practice, the process takes only 5-10 minutes, but the buyer they seem an eternity, so it easily goes to your competitor.

Avoid tyagomotiny, retain customers, will add as a payment method Apple Pay. customers no longer need to look for a bank card details to the input: it is sufficient to apply the finger to a scanner or security code, and FONDY platform itself will hold the payment. Payment information is securely stored on the scam.


Receiving online payments from FONDY - it is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty to your site or brand, attract customers to enter the international market with the help of a reliable Internet acquiring. To obtain the above capabilities, including payment via Apple Pay, enough to take a few minutes of free connection to the platform.


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