The complexity of SEO: Myth or Reality?

In the beginning, SEO was a lot easier than it is today. In order to attract valuable organic traffic and achieve high rankings in the search, it was enough to carry out a quick analysis of the site, create a semantic core, ensure that the content is original and all keywords are in place.

However, things have changed. Today's SEO tool is much wider. But is it really as complicated as we think? Or are we too dramatize, talking about modern SEO? We will try to find answers.

What is it complicates the SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex discipline. It combines a large number of tools and practices that are constantly evolving and adapting to the Google updates.

The main reason for the difficulties we now face is the rapid changes in Google algorithms, such as:

  • Wide update the basic algorithm
  • Safety warnings in Chrome
  • Focus on page loading speed on mobile devices
  • Video carousel et al.

Each of these technologies is changing several job search engines and ranking of principles and thus complicates the SEO.

Adaptation of the current strategy for a sudden pop nuances requires additional time and effort. It is necessary to examine the updated rules, to revise its plans and to test. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to see the real impact of the changes on the site's position in search results.

Misinterpretation of the changes and the inability to choose effective tools can become a serious obstacle on the way to success.

Misinterpretation updates

SEO-experts tend to misinterpret the Google team decisions and spend time on the sea of irrelevant tasks that generate zero results.

Take, for example, the excitement provoked by assessing the speed of loading pages on mobile devices. After Google officially announced the changes in the logic of the ranking, experts have begun to increase the download speed of the pages in all possible ways.

But was it necessary?

Well, if the page loading speed falls, of course, it can be expected that the site falls in the SERP. However, it should be understood that the acceleration of a couple of milliseconds, not necessarily increase the rankings, especially if it takes a low place in the search. speed will remain virtually unchanged, and the user experience will be as scarce to potential customers.

To push the site to the top of search results, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach and fix a number of associated disadvantages. Yet no one has achieved impressive results while working exclusively on speed. What Google pays considerable attention to this parameter, it is not a reason to ignore the rest of the SEO metrics.

Huge selection of SEO-tools

Range of SEO-tools is growing and forcing experts think outside the box. Instead of using a universal formula, invented by predecessors, they bother with innovative approaches and use different optimization tactics in solving each problem.

To broaden their horizons in the transition from one project to another, or to promote more effectively the current site, will have to use strategy, which previously SEO-experts have not had to face. No matter what the experience in SEO and how fundamental existing skills, there is always room for progress and development.

For example, in the promotion of a new information resource, it will be difficult to synchronize the website with Google News if you have previously had not engaged in such. Even armed with the most detailed and explanatory manuals, will still occur some difficulties due to lack of personal experience.

How not to complicate SEO

So, SEO is constantly evolving. This phenomenon affects all industries and companies, so complain and lament - not the best way for a decent professional. Pereuslozhnenie and negative reaction to the new changes will not help solve the problems associated with search engine optimization.

Below we offer some simple, but very effective strategies that will help to remain calm and maintain high ratings of projects in the search results, regardless of what is happening in the turbulent world of SEO.

1. Develop the habit of reading daily news in SEO

The best way to learn something - to immerse themselves in the subject.

Intensive information flow through the SEO-oriented sites can knock beginners confused. However, over time, articles about problems with indexing and deployed on the compilation of content management strategies have become a kind of magic wand, pulling them out of the rough and tumble in the difficult moments.

Every successful SEO-experts have their own list of the best news feeds and forums dedicated to search engine optimization. Drawing up such a list - a matter of time and experience.

Having developed the habit of reading related sites and forums, you can significantly improve your skills and knowledge:

  • Get the progress in self-learning, webinars browsing, reading about new methods and approaches.
  • Step by step guide just settle practical ideas to update their own professional equipment.
  • Reading about real projects, it is possible to learn from the mistakes of others and be inspired by the success of colleagues.
  • News help respond quickly to Google algorithm update.

2. Keep track of SEO-progress by conducting monthly audits

Each month, check keyword ranking, the effectiveness of the backlinks, organic traffic and visitor behavior. Identify ups and downs. Adjust your SEO-campaign so that it was moving in the right direction.

Making small changes, you will avoid major problems and find alternatives for traffic growth.

3. Keep an eye on the competition

Browse blogs competitors and track the links that are placed on third-party resources. Analyze the strengths and nuances that they are missing. Read the comments to get an idea of what the audience likes and what she does not receive.

Use weak competitors place. Give your readers exactly what they do not find on other sites: For more information and exciting, individually configurable content, a better user experience, etc.


Modern SEO - is more than keywords and links. Today search engine optimization focuses on how to provide a great user experience and meet the demanding requirements of search engines.

To answer the question, given the title of this article, I must say that SEO has really become more confusing and complicated. It is not enough to write literate lyrics, filled with popular keywords, links and meta tags. Content must be diverse, aesthetically attractive, to bring meaning and be useful to readers.

No matter what niche you're working, your site has competitors. Probably, your description of the services and blogging articles as twins similar to other content companies. , You need to find original approaches and to please users with information they can not find anywhere else to stand and pull the lion's share of traffic.

Search engine optimization, both internal and external, it has developed very rapidly in recent years, and it continues to change rapidly. However, showing observation and applying due diligence, you can learn to control this process and to adapt to modern realities.

As professionals, we must be ready to upgrade to refrain from panic and not pereuslozhnyat SEO.


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