CTR snippet on the issue: how to get more traffic from their positions

Author: Vitaly Churochkin, SEO-specialist digital-agency Original Works

CTR factor (CTR) is one of the key indicators to measure the effectiveness of Internet marketing. High CTR indicates that your message to hit right on target. There is a lot of research on the issue, depending on the CTR from his website position. However, most of them take into account only the CTR in the context of the position in the top, or they are made taking into account the peculiarities of issue: the presence and amount of organic search advertising results, the presence or absence koldunschikov services and search engines (maps, videos, marketpleysov).

Aggregated data on CTR on extradition

But CTR depends not only on the positions and characteristics of the issuance, as well as directly from the visual representation of a particular snippet on the issue. The following describe how to influence his views in the search and at the same time and increase CTR.

Structure standard snippet

To start to analyze an example of which elements consists standard snippet:

  1. Title - in the general case, the header is output as the content title tag, at least - in the case where title is not specified or less is relevant request - can be displayed one of the headers H1-Hn. If there is information irrelevant - the most relevant portion of the document.
  2. Quick links (BS) - are displayed under the conditions of formation of the BS, most of the vital (branded) requests, at least - by some high-demand topics for sites occupying top 3 search results.
  3. URL, or the introduction of mikrorazmetki breadcrumbs - navigation chain.
  4. Text description. In Yandex - either a meta-tag description, or the most relevant text of the content. In Google - often description unchanged.

Search engines do not provide the ability to directly select a desired content and format of the snippet, but affect the likelihood of displaying standard or optional elements on the issue - it is possible. Below we look at the main ways to increase the CTR of the snippet.

How to improve the site snippet on extradition

What does it mean to improve the site snippet? It means to make it as informative as possible and stand out from the rest. This will help to attract users' attention and encourage them to take action.

Attractive text Description

It is recommended to include the contents of the meta-tag:

  • The master key and the words that define the topic. It is - on one hand, will increase the likelihood that it will get a snippet description, rather than other, more relevant part of the text, and on the other - will tell the user that the document the link is the desired object.
  • USP (unique selling proposition), bright competitive advantages are obvious benefits for the user - all that is a good reason to choose the proposal - is also appropriate to include in the description. For example: unconditional free shipping, 3% discount for registration, non-stop operation (for subjects where this is not the norm, but significant advantage). For comparison, look at what is written in your competitors.
A good example of a content meta-description: the presence of basic key advantages, the phone

Information about the organization of services in the search engines


In the presence of well-filled information about the organization in the card Yandex.Spravochnik in snippet can be tightened contact information:

Contact information from the Directory in a snippet

Google My Business:

The completed card in the Google My Business does not affect the snippet in the Google SERP, but creates additional power when on the vital questions answers. Also, the information can be displayed in the unit of local search results with the map directions on the main results of the issue:

additional unit
local results

Availability of reviews about the organization in Yandex.Spravochnik

If there are comments about the organization in a directory on the median estimate information can fall into the issue, along with the address and telephone number.

Star rating in the snippet

It is worth noting that the average figure - is not the arithmetic mean of estimates and aggregated estimates of service: assessed the accuracy and objectivity of each withdrawal is calculated its weight in the final ranking. In addition to the value and weight, and also estimated the number of comments on the work of the organization, so companies whose customers often leave reviews - tend to have a higher rating.

Chat to search - online consultant extradition Yandex

Adding chat for business through special service Yandex, one can achieve both increase visual snippet, and opportunities to make contact with a potential customer is already on the extradition to go to the website:

Online assistance on extradition Yandex

Service Yandex "Products and Prices"

One of the most important criteria when choosing a product - is the price. In the presence of a competitive price, it is advisable to get them to the issuance.

Adding YML-file with the goods under " Products and prices " in Yandex.Webmaster, filling of the store and the delivery of information, it is possible to achieve the following snippets presentation of goods in the search:

Information about the price and delivery of the search region

In rare cases, when the information of the YML-file supplemented by the image from the page, the snippet looks even richer:

Product information indicating the price + image issue

Note that YML-file can be used not only for online shopping, but also for the services of sites: you must correctly fill in the data file of the service and its price (minimum), and get similar performance at issue:

Information about the service with a price

Pictures of products

Originally appeared in the issue of information, in 2019 pictures in snippets crowded and commercial issue. The presence of the image in the issue not only and not so much depends on the layout of the page itself, how much depends on the frequency of the query (in the search results for some queries - no pictures, despite their presence on the landing pages, and compliance with the conditions for display on the issue).

The image in the search results

Direct methods of influence on the presence of the image in a snippet not. However, based on observations of the pictures that fall within the issuance can be noted that:

  • In most cases, the image falls into the snippet is subject to availability mikrorazmetki. In the case of the presence of mikrorazmetki, extradition may get another, no picture is marked up from the page.
  • The size of pictures that fall in issuance - not less than 90 x 90px.
  • The picture is basically a page's content.
  • Image aspect ratio - no more than 2 to 3, generally, images falling on issuing - the format close to a square.

Quick links to the snippet

Quick links may be displayed in two different embodiments.

Increased snippet with BS:

Quick links for vital request

Standard snippet with BS:

Quick links commercial demands

Official recommendations for fast links from Yandex and the Google . Google recommendations are much less detailed, so it's best to focus on Yandex.

Breadcrumbs: mikrorazmetka breadcrumbs

Correctly marked breadcrumbs able to display instead of the URL of the page on the issuance of the navigation chain:

Breadcrumbs in the results of Yandex
Breadcrumbs in Google results

Navigation chain in Yandex are formed by the same algorithm as the Quick Links, without requiring additional markup standard breadcrumbs. To display the string in Google needs to implement mikrorazmetku HC (standards Microdata and RDFa).

Official recommendations on the subject by Yandex and the Google .

Additional "chips"

In addition to the standard tools of influence on the provision of information in the search results, there are a couple of interesting options such as "decorate" snippet, thus, still a few percent increase CTR.

But unlike the previous recommendations, these chips should be used only after making sure that your topic is appropriate.

Emoji and UTF-symbols

Emoji or UTF-8 characters can draw additional attention to the snippet on the issue, if you add them in the description. The main thing is that they fit within the meaning and subject matter of the site.

The result is more stable in the PS Yandex:

Snippet with UTF-characters in the description in Yandex
Displays on Google

The results of such symbols is much less common, but still present in the issuance of Google:

Increasingly began to appear in the issue snippets of the following form:

This is natural, because the substitute in the template description 5 emoji-sprocket is much easier than to introduce online mikrorazmetku AggregateRating:

And a lot easier than to achieve a high ranking in the organization Yandex.Spravochnik:

And in the search results mikrorazmetka and reviews from the Directory does not always fall. A emoji, as the saying goes - "cheap, reliable and practical."

Mikrorazmetka Open Graph

Standard Open Graph is designed Facebook social network. It allows you to control the preview, which is formed in the publication of links to the site on social networks, and share structured information in messenger.

Effect mikrorazmetki Open Graph formation snippet

A little later, there was a record in the Yandex blog, which few people attach importance to:

How it works

In the example commodity query and store cards "Yulmart" in the results of:

Header with a call to action - an implicit request (from OG: title)
Header when requesting the inclusion of the "price" (standard title)

The code page is looks like this:

Thus, using the formulations and attractive call to action in the OG: title, we can increase the likelihood of creating an attractive snippet with their inclusions with implicit user requests. You can also include OG: title synonyms, and then, depending on the request - will display the most relevant version of the title.

On a test with a large sample, it was observed that in issue falls only the title of the OG: title, the wording of the OG: description for the formation of the description in the search results are not used.

Yandex representatives deny a direct impact on the ranking mikrorazmetki.

Thus it can be influenced only by increasing the PF: CTR factor at issue.

Here, almost everything about Yandex. And what about Google ?!

At this point the options impact on the snippet in Yandex is much more diverse. On the whole, Google issue is boring compared to by Yandex:

Issuing a single request to the PS Yandex and Google

Compare the organic results on the same request: Yandex icon, favicon site, emoji on the issue - all this makes the issuance of Yandex diverse.

But in terms of content management snippet, Google is also making some moves. Until the end of 2019 the search engine promises to enter several attributes meta-robots, influencing the formation of the snippet:

  • "Nosnippet" - to prohibit the display of text web page fragment in the search results. This method has been available previously.
  • "Max-snippet: [number]" - to specify the maximum length of the text in the page snippet.
  • "Max-video-preview: [number]" - to specify the maximum duration for a video preview.
  • "Max-image-preview: [value]" - to specify the maximum size of the thumbnail picture displayed for the page. Possible values: «none», «standart» and «large».

Robots meta tag is added to the <head> tag of the page or indicated by the HTTP-header X-Robots-Tag.

In addition we introduce a new html-attribute data-nosnippet for content fragments, which do not need to enter the search snippet:

How to measure the results of your experiment?

Because of the personalization and issuance of instability of positions in the search results even during the day, measure the CTR at a certain position is not possible. As accurate as possible will CTR measurement while maintaining a middle position.

Yandex Webmaster -> Search Queries -> All requests and group

Google Search Console -> Efficiency

Check the "average CTR" and "Average Position":

We obtain the following table:

In terms of selected columns, you can calculate the positive and negative effect on CTR, while maintaining the average position after making edits.

Example graph showing the effect of optimizing the snippet:

Height CTR on the issue while maintaining the volume of impressions, and average position

Thus, traffic may be increased by 10-50% (depending on the case), without prior position growth.

You should also keep in mind that CTR on the issue is one of the behavioral factors ranging, respectively, increasing the CTR, we look forward not only to the increase in traffic, but also on the growth of the positions.


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