Rand Fishkin of optimization "for" and "against» Google

According to the materials of my head SparkToro Rand Fishkin at SMX East 2019. The report was devoted to the evolution of the Google search engine business model.

Now that the majority of search sessions on Google end without going to the site, the company needs to find in the SERP new opportunities to reach audiences and enhance its branding, so that users are actively looking for them.

Growth of zero-click query

According to data Jumpshot, now more than half (56.1%) of mobile search sessions on Google and 34.9% of desktop end without clicks on content of other websites.

"The trend remains the same: organic goes down, while the ads and zero-click queries grow ... in September to 7.5% of all searches completed the transition to the Alphabet resources. Google is the largest search benefetsiarom her today. For the 7.5% no closer ", - said Fishkin.

By the intermediary to the "competitor"

In addition to reducing the volume of organic clicks also increases the proportion of ready answers and Google entering into such a vertical, like the weather, travel, local search and reviews, where users do not even need to go to the site, which originally published the information.

"It is widespread. We are talking about the results of that select business at Skyscanner and Kayak in the tourist sector, at Eater and Yelp in local search, in US News and FiveThirtyEight in college rankings from Wunderground and Weather.com have MetaCritic and PC Gamer, and almost all but the Alphabet, when it comes to popular culture and the media. "

What companies can do about it

"We need to find ways to make our brand so that users are looking for. I do not want queries to "weather", I need to query for my brand - Weather Underground, Weather.com and Weather Channel. And I want to find ways to benefit from zero-click query, "- said Fishkin.

Despite the gloomy prospects for organic traffic in certain sectors, brands still can affect what Fishkin called "poslepoiskovym behavior."

Create content that can be displayed in an enhanced results - this is one way to increase its visibility in the search results - what Fishkin calls «on-SERP SEO». These results allow us to better acquaint users with the company. Advertising also helps in achieving this goal.

Campaign to raise brand awareness offline, such as outdoor advertising, advertising on radio and television, can also influence the search behavior.

If users are actively searching for your brand, improving the knowledge panel with information about the company can also positively influence the perception of the brand.

Which allow you to control brand search queries to further strengthen the brand, Fishkin recommends the use of SEO-tactics in the field of reputation management.

"Prisoner's dilemma" for brands

Prisoner's dilemma in this case - is:

"Would not that I will carry out optimization for zero-click query, to provide these answers and mark my results like the Google wants it, and as a result lose the traffic?".

According to experts, it is now on this issue faced by many brands.

If a company is willing to invest in on-SERP SEO (and sees the point), then Fishkin recommends working in two directions: 1) to select all types of content that can appear (see chart above as a result of extended); 2) working on the search results obtained from the structured data (figure below).

"All of us should try to build a" wall "to protect themselves from competition from Google side which will cover the sector-by-sector as the search of growth ... It's just the reality. But we have the opportunity to create their own brands and continued to achieve success ", - he added.

The use of search engines to attract potential customers makes the company sensitive to how these services provide results. However, supplementing the SEO strategy to create demand for the brand, you can protect yourself from Google and ahead of the competition.

Source: Search Engine Land

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