Internal SEO for e-commerce sites

Internal search engine optimization helps businesses involved in e-commerce, to occupy high positions in the search, to attract new users and, subsequently, to turn them into active customers.

As a rule, people are starting to search for various products and services online in a search engine. Before making a purchase, they are:

  • Compare prices and key features of similar products from different brands.
  • Read reviews.
  • Looking for advice on the use and maintenance.

If your site does not pop up in Google in response to search queries, potential customers do not know about your products, and you will lose profits.

To avoid this, let's look at the most effective tactics for improving your internal SEO and gain valuable organic traffic.

Optimization of keyword queries

If you want people to easily find your site, it is important to use the right keywords, targeting both the people and the search engines.

Today, there are many easy-to-use and free tools for keyword research. For example, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer can pick up the keys for any business or niche search engine. You can keep track of important indicators and manage, to determine how well your keywords match users' queries.

Some other free tools for keyword research: Google Trends, Keyword Shitter, Google Correlate, Wordtracker Scout and Google Search Console.

Useful tips on using keywords:

  • Enter the most popular keys in the page titles, subtitles, names of the image files, alt text, meta titles and descriptions, as well as URL-addresses.
  • Provide all the important details (shipping cost, user reviews, refund rules) on the product pages. If the client will have to jump from page to page to find more information, more likely, he will leave your site.
  • Publish useful content that looks natural and does not give your advertising goals. Do not overdo the keyword. Their excessive use Google may seem suspicious.
  • Timely update the seasonal offers. Do not disappoint the customers.


grocery page

Remember that people, not Google, that are buying your goods and services. Therefore, it is important to optimize the pages of your e-commerce site for user satisfaction.

Start by assessing your competitors sites. Careful analysis will shed light on the practices of the most successful content marketing. Pay special attention to:

  • Multi-language sites.
  • The colors used in the design of product pages.
  • Characteristics of services / products.
  • The number and style appeals to action.

Remove unavailable products from its index. These pages are undermining your ranking in search engines.

Proceed as follows:

  • Compare the number of pages indexed in Google Search Console with the number of indexed pages in your Sitemap-file, as well as the number of pages in Google Organic.
  • Make sure that only the pages from your Sitemap-file open for Google indexing.

category pages

Many owners of commercial sites sensitive about their grocery pages, landing pages and home page, however, overlooked the importance of the category pages. Because they directly affect the conversion and search engine ranking, it is important to make sure that they also look great.

If users do not like the appearance of the category pages, they will not even open the food pages, and all your SEO efforts will be in vain.

Key indicators to be tracked in the optimization category pages:

  • Conversion rate: the ratio of sales to the number of visitors.
  • Involvement: the time spent by visitors on the site. The longer people are viewing your content, the more likely that they place an order.
  • Clickability: passages from the pages of the categories on the product pages.
  • Revenue per visitor: the relationship between your income and the number of visitors. This figure is even more important than the conversion rate. It is better to have fewer customers buying expensive goods, the greater the crowd, makes a modest checks.


Earlier business blogging is perceived as an entertaining addition to their sites. Now the blog - it is a powerful marketing tool, is actively used by companies of all sizes and colors.

With the help of a blog, you can provide customers with valuable information to build strong relationships and build customer loyalty. In addition, by adding popular keywords in blogging article, you will attract more visitors from search engines.

Several criteria for a quality SEO-optimized content:

  • The use of strong keys that bring your pages to the top of the SERPs.
  • Your publications must answer questions frequently asked by clients how to use your products, how to choose from a number of similar services, how to prolong the life of the purchased goods, etc...
  • In addition to the text of your article should contain bright and interesting visual content, breaking text segments and retaining the attention of readers.
  • Blogging article should contain links to products and categories in your directory.
  • You should carefully read and edit your content to avoid grammatical errors, misleading or outdated information.

Meta titles and descriptions

Meta title and description - a brief, but very important elements that affect the positioning of your website in the search. Users see them, choosing from a number of alternative sites.

Meta title and description should be catchy, briefly and accurately describe the topic of the page, so that people want to visit it and to get more information.

H tags

Title tags (H1, H2, H3, and so on. D.) Are extremely important, as they represent the structure of your articles. Looking through the material in the blog and product pages, users will first evaluate the titles and for a few seconds to decide whether they deserve the attention content.

In addition, the titles are valuable from an SEO perspective. Google pays more attention to them than the main text.

Keeping in mind these nuances, create H tags, reflecting the idea of each text segment and contain relevant keywords.


You can spend a first-class campaign and praise the brand in all available media, but potential customers will continue to treat your proposals with skepticism, thinking that you emphasize the advantages of their products only in order to make the most cash.

It is quite another thing when users read objective and unbiased reviews on independent platforms. People tend to listen to other consumers. 91% have for online reviews is the same strong confidence as to personal recommendations from friends and family members. Make sure that there is a large amount of positive feedback on your product pages.

Negative comments will not have much impact, as long as they are in the minority. Let's be honest, each product has flaws, and no unhappy customers may seem suspicious.

Fidbek client is much more useful for internal SEO, than you think. This is an original, fresh and consistent content that is interesting to both search engines and potential customers. Surveys often contain relevant keywords, which is a huge bonus for your SEO.

Encourage users to provide feedback - marketing tasks. SEO experts should analyze the existing comments: their quantity and quality.

For more reviews, you should conduct a well-designed campaign email marketing , to provide customers the ability to easily and comfortably leave comments on your site.

content Audit

Remember that the content does not need to fill in the empty spaces in your blog and directory. This is your weapon to conquer the market. So make it a powerful and devastating.

You never know if your content is really effective if you do not analyze it. Regular audits and update outdated information to help you achieve perfection.

Select the frequency of review of all published materials (once a month, once a year).

Keep an eye on the behavior of your target audience, evaluate user activity on the number of comments, clicks, average reading time and other indicators.

Analyze questions, often coming to your help desk, and use them as the theme of new articles.

Also, if you notice an interesting content-based solutions on the sites of competitors, be sure to use them.


Image optimization - a wise investment of time because you can greatly increase the speed of loading pages.

Key nuances that must be considered when working with images:

  • The ideal types: PNG or GIF for large, flat areas, JPG for photos.
  • Compact: there are lots of applications and online services for image compression, both paid and free.
  • Aesthetics: photo products should be attractive, cause positive emotions, and encourage users to place orders. It is best to enlist the support of a professional photographer who can capture your products in the best light.
  • SEO: add keywords in the alt text and the text surrounding the image.


Practice the following approaches when working with video:

  • Use MP4 format. It allows you to create compact files without loss of quality.
  • Pick the size, given the parameters of the screens of your users.
  • Do not forget to compress video files.
  • Reduce the length of clips, if possible.
  • Upload a video to YouTube, Vimeo, or other popular resources, rather than directly on your site.

user experience

Evaluation and improvement of usability is an important task for any SEO-experts.

Spend a precise analysis by answering the following questions:

  • How long the average user spends on the site?
  • What is the bounce rate?
  • How well the calls to action?
  • Which pages are most frequently visited?

Record the results in the table, give it to marketers and developers to further optimize.

Factors affecting the usability can be both technical and non-technical in nature. The overabundance of advertising, too big or too small fonts, broken buttons, and many other problems could push users of your site. Identify weaknesses and appoint another member of their team patch.

Below, we consider the most important elements that affect the user experience.


Customers should be easy to find the information and products. Make sure your menu is convenient, intuitive and paves the shortest way to the various sections. If your site is pleasant and easy to use, visitors stay there longer and place more orders.

internal linking

Commercial sites are in need of a well-crafted relink. The three main reasons to use internal links:

  • You simplify the navigation and help users to find information they are interested.
  • Search engines it becomes easier to crawl your site and determine the nature of content is hosted there.
  • Users stay longer on your site, moving from one page to another.

Let's say the client is not in awe of the page on which he got from a Google search. Did he leave the site immediately? Not necessary. You can offer him links to other pages, and so to keep his attention.

Internal linking will also help you create an original anchor text and make sure that your keywords are at the forefront in the search.

Tips for proper construction of internal links:

  • Add a link only to those places where they look natural and are beneficial to readers.
  • Do not use too many links with similar anchors.
  • Use breadcrumbs system to improve navigation and help users to understand the multi-level hierarchy of your site.
  • The most clickable links are usually tied to the attractive images. Use a high-quality visual content to keep users on your site.

Related products

If people are willing to buy something on your site, why not offer them related products and thus increase your income?

For example, a furniture brand to offer a set of chairs Customers who bought the table. hotels booking site to offer discounts on car rental.

People appreciate the comprehensive services that meet their needs and facilitate their lives.

Pages FAQ / About Us / Contact Us


No matter how informative pages of your products / services, users will still be a doubt. They will go to a competitor if you can not quickly and answer their questions clearly. The presence of an informative FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your site will fill the gap.

Provide key information about the features of your company: the security measures used on the website, payment methods, delivery methods, rules, return, etc. These details enhance consumer confidence and stimulate active buying.

About us

Good "About Us" section written strengthen your reputation. Tell potential customers about the history, corporate values and basic virtues of your company. Let them know that they are dealing with a reputable brand, and not one-day site.


List all the ways to communicate with you on the contact page: telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, Skype, WhatsApp, social network profiles, contact forms and online chat site.


Simplify the process of decision making for your customers. Start a convenient service that assigns the main characteristics of the product descriptions, and offers the best options based on customers' needs.

Video presentations

Shoot video on how your products should be used. Choose the format that is most impressed by your niche.

For example, if you ship equipment, share tips on installation and maintenance. Selling makeup, you can create your own blog and publish beauty makeup lessons.

Site search

Deliver customers from having to browse your entire site to find what they need. Place a search box in a prominent place, reducing the user's path to a minimum.

Amazon - a great example of this function. Their search box quickly leads customers to the desired product group.


Internal search engine optimization can help your business grow by leaps and bounds, as well as improve the online image of your brand. Take the trouble to go through all the above items and bring your SEO to perfection. The efforts will pay off the influx of traffic, higher conversion and a solid profit.


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