Turbo pages on real projects

So to introduce at the turbo-page or not?

Report Ilya Gorbachev (Racurs) on Optimization 2019 conference.

For the user, the turbo-page - is a guarantee of high-speed content download. Also from the turbo-pages the user expects to guarantee the absence of aggressive advertising and the presence of a convenient layout.

Turbo pages for site owners - this is just the loss of traffic in the direction of Yandex. It is generally accepted, and it is quite hard to deny. However, the size and site owners also offers some advantages, namely:

  • improved snippets
  • Additional search impressions,
  • reducing the burden on the server,
  • continuous availability of pages (even if the site is)
  • easy connection,
  • a good ranking.

Consider these advantages in terms of SEO, to try to understand - to introduce at the turbo-page or not.


The snippets turbo pages for articles / news, as well as for product pages and category icon is displayed with a rocket that just guarantees the user a high download speed.

The mobile search leader in vertical turbo-pages advanced snippet appears with a list of sites. It is displayed for article pages, and for trade. It is also an option for other sites to get the eye of the user, in case he was in the list of sites to the leader vertically.

On the desktop in ARTICLE sites also have a great opportunity to appear in the search due to a separate unit on the right side of the screen, where the desktop turbo pages are displayed. This is a very good way to get to the first screen issue with quick answers Yandex and its services.

In addition, if you do ARTICLE turbo-page on the main page of the site there is an extended snippet carousel turbo pages. If the home page is trafikodayuschey, we get a marked increase in CTR. This snippet displays and mobile search when looking from the PC.

Setting ARTICLE turbo pages

Set up Auto updatable RSS-feed and connect it to the Yandex.Webmaster panel or via the API. Then connect the counters - metrics and Google Analytics, as well as advertising (YAN or ADFOX).

To look as turbo-page as a site, you must configure the CSS and add your logo to the user realize it is on whose territory.

That after reading the article, the user had a wish then close it, it is better to set up relinking, proposes to move to similar materials, or automatic tape that allows you to go directly to reading another article.

If your site provides authentication and comments, they also need to be connected via Yandex.Webmaster and adjust the rules accordingly. Only then you can include yourself turbo page.

Setting commodity turbo pages

To connect the turbo product pages, you must first configure Auto updatable YML-feed of all products and categories, and then connect it to Yandex.Webmaster panel. It is also necessary to connect all the counters, to customize CSS, and add a logo.

Particular attention should be paid to the proper setup of ordering. Or it will be through a turbo-page or via an existing CMS (in this case, you need to configure the integration). In the first case, when ordering through the turbo, order information comes in the mail, and you need to carefully ensure that the letters do not fall into spam and not remain unaccounted for.

Information about the delivery, which must also be added to create a turbo-page, the user will be shown during the ordering process in the basket because of its region.

Also need to add text boxes on the card catalog to help the user make a choice and to convince him of the need to make a purchase here. This may be information about the terms of delivery, way to give back, to guarantee the return of the goods, about exchange possibilities and so on. This information may also be added in Yandex.Webmaster through additional units. You can then connect the turbo page.

Common Mistakes

Error №1 - Incorrect content code. This can often be due to the fact that in the feed formed new tags that are not supported by Yandex, or the fact that the uploaded text does not marked tags for division into paragraphs <p>, and <br> tags for a new line.

Due to this, are not generated and an error turbo-page:

Alternatively, if the RSS-feed is configured, it is necessary to issue a recommendation kontentschikam not add additional tags or to somehow cut the program.

Error №2 - Image Size. Often, webmasters are trying to add is too large images in high resolution and large size, and Yandex.Webmaster not get their download turbo page.

Practice shows that for article pages optimal image sizes - 432px in width.

Error №3 - Incorrect addresses. This error occurs, if the article has a link to the anchor blocks, which in the formation of a turbo-pages, or cut, or simply not formed.

When Yandex.Webmaster gives this error, you need to carefully consider all the links or try to block, to which they lead, are in the turbo-enabled page.

Error №4 - Orders are not subject to the CMS. This error does not appear in Yandex.Webmaster, but it is worth bearing in mind each SEO-experts. When ordering turbo-page data can fall into the spam.

To be able to design pre-payment is required to be set up integration for the benefit of the same as the popular CMS Bitrix and OpenCart from Yandex have ready-made solutions. For everyone else can be done through the addition of the product get-parameter and ID, then all the information will be transmitted accurately, and when you click on the basket, the user will enter the site with pre-added products.

Other popular error:

  • Validation error due to the closure of the feed in the robots.txt
  • excessive number of images (more than 30)
  • incorrect encoding of the file (all turbo-page consists of a question mark and it is not tracked Ya.Vebmasterom, you need to check yourself)
  • the first row in the feed - space
  • h1..h6 headers are not marked in the feed headlines
  • h1 header after header is duplicated
  • feed contains only part of the article

recipes application

ARTICLE recommended for sites to implement turbo pages for mobile and PC, but be prepared to reduce the time sessions. Despite the fact that representatives of Yandex assured that behavioral factors persist, there may be a reduction of transitions. However, in each case, you need to observe the entire picture as a whole, you can create a turbo-page for a limited sample papers and analyze the changes before resolved at turbirovanie all available content.

For service sites, it is desirable to create ARTICLE turbo-page for the stock or news and customize individual mini-banners (size 16.9) for them. This will provide to issue the very advanced snippets and increase click through.

For online stores creation ARTICLE turbo pages for stocks as important, it allows you to get an enhanced snippet from the home page.

Popular myths about turbo pages

Myth №1: reduction monetization. This applies more to ARTICLE sites. If the site is well-defined monetization, well-located blocks based on CTR, relevance and so on, it is possible that at first it will decrease. However, a turbo-pages provide the possibility of arranging a large number of advertising blocks in the text, and select an appropriate format.

Myth №2: the best download speed. Not really. Improvement will be only in the case if the site is not worked download speed. In addition, sometimes the turbo pages lose the AMP, formed for the same content.

Myth №3: a drop in conversion. If you have moved all of the same blocks to turbo-page that the site, the conversion will remain at the same level. But better to first test the turbo-page on a limited sample of the goods, and only then make a decision on turbirovanie other pages.



We have implemented a turbo-page Card catalog of online store cosmetics.

On the basis of the existing YML- feed for the process of formation of Yandex.Market turbo pages it took 30 minutes.

Good result actually obtained within half an hour of work.


Carousel turbo pages from the main page of the car dealer. This page from the client was the trafikodayuschey, and was in the top. Therefore, the presence of the expanded snippet to issue might well increase the CTR.

We have formed a turbo-page for articles for the shares and company news. It is important to note that such turbo-page must be added periodically. And if the company is not so often held shares, to invent and introduce updated news section. If for 5 months does not add similar turbo-page extended snippet from the main disappears.

To draw up recommendations for the programmer and CSS customization took 3:00. Plus, as the formation of new pages there were some mistakes, and on the pro Edit feed recommendations left for 1 hour (by such errors, by the way, too, disappears snippet).

Number 3

Turbo-page to discover the online store. Establish guidelines and a sample feed for the programmer to correctly configure all happened. It took about 5 hours.

As a result, after the introduction of turbo-pages, the number of transitions from the smartphone for the first time exceeded the number of transitions from the PC. The percentage of conversions from smartphones / PC has grown from 91% to 122%, while there was no decrease in traffic and positions for the PC.

Instead of conclusions:

Introduce turbo-pages or not, everyone decides for himself. We recommend you try. Test on a limited sample and observe the results, especially since it is not technically difficult.

As shown, all that is now reflected in the myths about the turbo-page was just before dawn on the introduction of technology. Now, thanks to numerous improvements, no traffic loss or decline monetization occurs.

So far, only the online stores that have a well-monetized cross-sell and up-sell blocks on the site, do not recommend turbocharged product pages as well as an opportunity to implement this functionality in the turbo yet.


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