Digital-Fall 2019: A review of business activities, which should add to Calendar

We have studied the autumn 2019 conference of the year and put together a list of 10 professional "digital is-togethers" for all those who in one way or another connected with the Internet space and wants to pump your business. IT, digital, PR, e-commerce, mobile-world, start-ups - all the most relevant and tasty.

IT in Retail

Meet with all sectors of the retail on one site and discuss your questions with the IT guru. The main themes of "hangouts" CIO level this year will be a digital retail, effective e-commerce and Mobile. Maximum live communication, evening entertainment and a surprise from the organizer - Infor-media Russia.

Participants: CUM, HeadHunter, M. Video, X5 Retail Group, Hoff, "The Messenger | Euroset "and others.

Date and place: September 9-10, Moscow, Hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki


CMOS 2019

In a world of universal omnikanalnosti can not lose interesting opportunities for corporate earnings growth. The conference organizers understand this and offer CMOs together to discuss new case studies, tools, designs and brands. The program includes representatives from Brand Analytics market surveys, YouScan, Yandex, familiarity with the Real Time PR, case studies in digital-media and offline - for a change.

Participants: Russian Post, Mail.Ru Group, Home Credit Bank.

Date and place: September 18, Moscow, Borodino Hotel


Admitad Expert 2019

Conference for all who want to start or continue to work productively in the field of affiliate-marketing. The organizers - the company Admitad (with CPA-market share in the Russian Federation 71% according to the survey AdIndex ) - promise to 8:00 presentations from the speakers in the E-commerce segments, Travel, Finance, mobiles and games. A separate room for newcomers to learning content and grants for development projects.

Participants: Joom, myTarget, Grow Food, X5 Retail Group, of Yandex.Market, Skyeng and others.

Date and place: September 20, Moscow, World Trade Center


Customer Day

Without business customers do not build, so I just need to know how to attract and retain. The forum Customer Day will tell you about the Customer Experience & Customer Journey, monetization of client data, lining up the correct CRM, engagement and loyalty marketing, new technologies in Russia and worldwide. Experts in CX format foresight session will share experiences and good ideas just settle.

Participants: Sberbank, Tele2, Lamoda, Tinkoff, Instamart and other

Date and place: September 26, Moscow, Digital October


E-Com Flow

National Forum on e-commerce - a real Must-have for anyone who wants to stay in the trend in the era of online-trade. 100+ industry professionals e-com will gather in Moscow for the exchange of real-world experience and develop optimal solutions that are applicable in a constantly changing market. Interesting case studies, detailed sales analytics, trends and prospects online of offline, as well as the direction of development marketpleysov - discussion will obviously hot.

Participants: Nielsen, Data Insight, OneTwoTrip, Metro Cash & Carry

Date and place: September 26-27, Moscow, Holiday Inn Suschevsky



Within the one-day conference offers a technology review, solutions and services for the online store, the speakers and the participants - representatives of all domestic ECOM. You will get the opportunity to personally interact with colleagues "on the shop floor", run cooperation "in one click", study services and discuss global changes and forecasts for ecommerce development.

Participants:, Mindbox, PimPay and other

Date and place: September 27, Moscow, DiTelegraph


The strike in 2019

The largest regional IT-conference "strike" this year to a new level. For the first time the event will take place in the fall, and not in the native Ulyanovsk, and the first Russian city to IT-specialists Innopolis.

Their participation as speakers autumn "strike" has confirmed the leading experts of the Russian IT-industry, as well as a special guest - Russian scientist, Doctor of Biology, Head of the Laboratory of Human Morphology of nervous system of the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei V. Saveliev. It is widely known for his research into the nature of the human brain, its evolution, and morphofunctional bases of talent and genius.

Also at the conference will be a special section "Girls in IT».

Date and place: October 12-13, Tatarstan, Innopolis



Bright forum for business and start-ups! GoTech Arena brings together companies that create, develop, invest and adopt new technologies. You are waiting for insights from the real rock stars start-up stage, the finalists pitches GoTech competition, selected from over 700 applications, leading it-the idea of dating with investors and well-known corporations. GoTech - a meeting place for technology companies.

Date and place: October 15, Moscow, Digital October


Ecommerce 2019

One of the biggest events in the segment of e-commerce in Russia, where in the same place every year gather 1500 experts and 100 unique speakers. The conference will talk about techniques and strategies for the development of e-commerce, real case studies and experience of colleagues on the industry will help to solve the strategic objectives of your business, as well as refresh the idea of the market and to find new business contacts in the industry.

Participants: IKEA, NIKE Russia, SITILINK, Tanuki, Comus, Leroy Merlin and others.

Date and place: October 17-18, Moscow, World Trade Center



SEMconf - Conference on contextual and mobile advertising. Promise to "bleed" on the advertising aspects, mobile marketing and agency management. All courses will conduct 450+ participants with whom you can meet, chat, share experiences in an informal atmosphere. Besides it will be presented to key online services and new offerings, free advice and gifts. Then they talk about serious things on a student.

Participants: Yandex, Google Russia, eLama, Cossa, CallTouch and others.

Date and place: October 18, Moscow, Digital Leadership Center SAP


Optimization 2019

Home SEO-conference of the year this year will be held a month earlier than usual. And this year for the first time in the history of the event it will be available live online.

As a guest speaker at the conference will deliver one of the strongest Western seo-experts, who many know from publications in MOZ blog, Cyrus Shepard. His presentation will focus on the 7 search marketing trends. He will explain how companies build medium-scale search traffic on Google at a time when the monopolists get a bigger piece of the pie.

Besides Shepard on Optimization of Speaker of Yandex, Google, SimilarWeb,, Kanobu,, as well as Sergei Koksharov, Michael Shakin and others.

Date and place: 30-31 October, Moscow, Campus "Skolkovo"



Analyst at digital-marketing - an integral part. MateMarketing once again proves it's inspiring case studies and to support a series of workshops. How to optimize your marketing goals, to conduct A / B testing and how the algorithmic Marketing - 10 "tracks" -mini conferences on e-commerce, Saas, business and other topics will be useful for both novice and pro. A complete event awarding of "principal analyst in 2019".

Participants: Alfa Capital, X5 Retail Group, Avito, CoMagic and other

Date and place: November 14-15, Moscow, Grand Ballroom


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