Forum Rules

1. General provisions

  1. The forum is dedicated to Internet marketing, in particular, website promotion in search engines. It also features topics related to website creation and management, web development, server administration, doing business online and others.
  2. The forum features no discussions about promoting websites by inflating access counter numbers, artificial generation of visits, social signals and other types of Internet users' activity, except for cases specifically stipulated by the Forum Rules. Discussions of methods and technical means for promoting websites, social groups and applications by spamming into forums, guest books, blog comments, etc., as well as by sending spam emails and messages are also forbidden.
  3. The forum is the private property of its owner, meaning the owner has the full right to establish these Rules and carry out a certain moderation policy, both directly and through authorized forum participants (moderators).
  4. All forum content reflects solely the opinions of its authors. The Forum administration does not provide any guarantees, either express or implied, that such a content is complete, useful or true.

2. User registration

  1. When registering on the forum, the user agrees to abide by these Rules unconditionally.
  2. To register on the forum, the user must provide a valid email address. An email featuring the registration confirmation code will be sent to it.
  3. The administration does not assist forum participants in registering on the forum.
  4. The forum user shall not use an email address equipped with any service sending automatic messages (such as answering machines or anti-spam filters) that requires additional confirmation. If the forum administration receives an automated response to a message from the forum mail system, it reserves the right to cancel the user's subscription to notifications or terminate the user's registration altogether. The forum user shall not use an email address provided by a service of one-time emails. Accounts using such email addresses may be blocked without prior notice.
  5. The choice of a nickname is the exclusive right of the user. The administration reserves the right to disable using a nickname that violates generally accepted moral and ethical standards, or is offensive to other forum users, or interferes with the forum functioning.
  6. The forum user shall not use a nickname similar to an already existing one to the extent that it may mislead other forum users. If such a nickname is detected, the forum administration reserves the right to terminate the user's account without prior notice.
  7. Nicknames made similar to the already existing ones by use of similar Cyrillic and Latin characters are also forbidden. If such a nickname is detected, the user account is terminated immediately.
  8. The forum user shall use only one account on the forum. A purpose of using clone accounts or periods of their simultaneous use are not taken into account. If more than one account is used by a single person, all these accounts are terminated regardless of the user's identity and position on the forum. The only exceptions are accounts of company representatives.
  9. A nickname cannot be changed. User accounts are not deleted, they can only be blocked. However, registering a new account by a user whose previous account has been blocked violates p. 2.8 of the Forum Rules.

3. Forum behavior

  1. Posting links to other websites or posting materials copied entirely from other websites is allowed provided that a web page located at the indicated address or a quoted text is used to illustrate a statement made by the message author. Posting links containing a referral id is allowed only if this is done in response to direct requests of referral links. Posts consisting solely of links are not allowed. A message with a link should contain an annotation of the document the link leads to and the author’s attitude to this document.
  2. Attempts to resume a discussion started at the forum by other means of communication are generally not welcome. Not all forum users are familiar with each other, while the continuation of the discussion is interesting to everyone.
  3. The forum uses post-moderation. Messages that violate the current Rules are deleted. You should not perceive a disappearance of your message as a result of a technical malfunction and post it again.
  4. Attempts to direct users' attention to the low level of knowledge of any forum participant are not approved. After all, we were all beginners once.
  5. When creating new topics, try to adhere to the following rules:
    5.1. The topic subject should be informative. Such subjects as "Please help", "I have a question", "Question about PageRank" and the like only demonstrate your disrespect for other participants.
    5.2. The subject should correspond to the subject of a section where the topic is created. Do not start a topic in a particular section just because you want a quick response in the more visited section. Commercials can only be posted in the appropriate commercial sections of the forum gathered in the "Optimizer exchange" and "Jobs and services for webmasters" sections.
    5.3. If you started a topic in the wrong section, do not duplicate it. The moderators will move your topic to the correct section themselves. Use the "Report to moderator" link if you wish.
    5.4. If you are not sure where to start your topic, start it in the "Miscellaneous" section.
    5.5. Do not use decorative characters (used for visual highlighting but not bearing any meaning) in topic subjects. Also, do not enter a topic subject in capital letters.
  6. Before starting a new topic, use the search to make sure it has not been discussed before. Generally, starting a topic similar to an existing one is not prohibited. However, a topic starter should not be surprised if he/she is told to use the search to get an answer.
  7. Do not try to draw attention to your message by posting additional messages that contain nothing new, as well as by sending personal messages and/or emails to forum participants with a request to reply.
  8. Mind your grammar and try not to overuse slang expressions as this may create a negative impression about you. Do not overuse Caps Lock in your messages, follow the rules of the network etiquette. Excessive use of capital letters may be considered a violation of the rules.
  9. Access to certain Forum sections and functions may be regulated separately. This is usually mentioned in the descriptions of the appropriate sections. Attempts to use a separately regulated functionality of a section by any means different than officially subscribing to the right to use such functionality (for example, by posting messages from accounts of users having access, posting commercial offers in topics started by other users, etc.) are equated to spam.
  10. Access to some Forum sections and functions requires payment. Making a payment does not give any privileges to the user and does not exempt him/her from compliance with these Rules. In case the Rules are violated by a user who has paid for accessing one or several sections, standard types of penalties are applied to him/her. If the user is deprived of the opportunity to use a paid function due to his/her violation of the Forum Rules, no access extension or refund claims are accepted!
  11. Payment for additional functions or access to certain Forum sections is final. In case of an erroneous payment (for example, paying for accessing a wrong section, paying for starting topics instead of posting response messages, etc.), no claims are accepted and no refunds are made.
  12. Topics and messages are not removed, edited or closed at the request of users. This happens only if they violate the Forum Rules. We recommend that you think carefully before starting a new topic or posting a message.
  13. Messages that are of interest only to its author and a specific recipient (for example, "I've ordered a service", "please PM me", etc.) are considered personal and should be sent via the personal messaging system. Posting such messages in the public part of the forum is regarded as flooding.
  14. Some forum sections have specific rules. Such rules are pinned at the top of the relevant section.

4. Limitations and prohibitions

  1. A violation of the Forum Rules may entail a penalty. There are three types of penalties:
    1.1. A reprimand is done by a moderator or administrator right in a topic where the violation was committed.
    1.2. Account ban. The ability to post messages is disabled by a moderator or administrator for a certain time period.
    1.3. Account termination. A user account is blocked and access to the forum is disabled.
  2. You shall not post messages containing data on unscrupulous methods applied to promote specific websites (either explicit, for example, an URL or a name, or implicit, for example, a query and a search ranking), as well as data on unscrupulous methods applied by other forum participants. All occurrences of spam should be reported directly to the administration of an appropriate search engine. Such messages are deleted, and an account ban or termination is applied to their authors.
  3. You shall not engage in a dispute over the discrepancy between someone’s personal opinions and yours. Also, do not get offended by being wrong. If you want to always stay right, do not participate in discussions.
  4. Overquoting is prohibited. In general, a quote should not exceed three to four lines of text.
  5. The forum allows using signatures to set links to your website. However, it is not recommended to abuse this feature. A signature may not contain more than 200 characters. Formatting is forbidden. A signature may not contain more than four links. A signature that violates the rules may be deleted by a moderator.
  6. You shall not publicly discuss moderator and administrator actions regarding reprimands, editing messages or closing/deleting topics. Attempts to continue a discussion stopped by a moderator are regarded as a public discussion of the moderator actions and are eliminated. If you want to appeal administration actions, use the special form or an email. The administration reserves the right to leave complaints of penalties for minor violations of the Forum Rules unattended.
  7. You shall not post messages inciting any kind of hatred, calling for committing unlawful acts or featuring anything that is contrary to the law or prohibited by the rules of domain names.
  8. You shall not post messages containing knowingly false information, slander, as well as dishonest methods of conducting discussions in the form of twisting statements of interlocutors, editing/removing your own messages in order to distort/hide their original meaning, as well as provocations aimed at discussion participants that may cause violations of these Rules.
  9. You shall not post messages calling for charity support, unless such a support is meant for a forum participant and has the prior approval of moderators.
  10. You shall not start similar topics in different sections.
  11. You shall not post similar messages in different topics.
  12. You shall not discuss reputation ratings received by a user and the reputation system as a whole. Engaging in any organized activity aimed at setting biased reviews both on a reciprocal basis or without reciprocity, as well as calls for arranging such an activity are considered a violation of the reputation system rules.
  13. You shall not use obscene words, verbal abuse and expressions that are offensive to other participants in your messages.
  14. You shall not discuss popunders, clickunders and other similar technological solutions.
  15. You shall not sell scanned and copied content.
  16. You shall not sell or buy gift and discount coupons of various services, including those of Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct.
  17. You shall not sell or distribute accounts of free services and emails.
  18. The forum grants a limited permission to discuss the impact of behavioral factors on website ranking. Such discussions are only allowed in the "Link and user factors" section. Discussing services for influencing behavioral factors is allowed only in special topics. The conditions of starting such topics are described in the rules of the "Link and user factors" section.
  19. Copying or any unauthorized use of forum materials is prohibited.

5. Private information and disclaimer

  1. In general, personal information provided by a forum participant during registration or later is not verified by the forum administration.
  2. The forum administration does not reveal personal data. However, the administration reserves the right to collect available user data and apply it to establish the user identity, as well as to thwart user activities that violate the current Rules.
  3. All forum materials reflect solely the views of their authors. The forum administration does not verify the authenticity of such materials, does not give any guarantees in relation to them and does not bear any responsibility for their content.
  4. The administration reserves the right to refuse to post information of any kind without explanation.
  5. The administration reserves the right to change these Rules without warning or notice.