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По умолчанию Re: Файлообменники, которые остались и платят - часть 2 (основная тема)

У кого-нибудь есть аккаунт или фейки на gfy.com, wjunction, master-x? Если есть возможность, распространите это сообщение. Не сказать, что это бомба, но жареным попахивает. Уверен, если копнуть глубже там будет на что посмотреть. Завсегдатаи на мастере и не скрывают, что многие начинали с лолит и прочей чернухи. Мне кажется самое время дать таким вещам ход. При том, что это все правда в отличие от подстав, которые делает AdultKing.

We all agree that the most disgusting thing in Internet is children pornography. Nothing seems to be worst than that... May be excepting getting profit from it. As we all understand there's no limitation

period for such crimes and any of us should do his best to punish it. Please take a minute and read the following, who knows may be it will take some effect.

Let's take back to 18 june 2003, thanks to WayBackMachine we can make it. Was it legit to promote underage paysites on PORN resourses? I'm sure you'd say NO. But some people have a different opinion. Who are

they? Let's find out. Look here:



How could it be that on the top place of the porn site we see a big banner with child in underwear? I believe there's no doubts it's illegal. Disgusting!

Ok, let's find out about other outgoing links: http://web.archive.org/web/200306182...enager.com.au/, http://web.archive.org/web/200306182...kittens.co.nz/,


What do we see there? We see porn sites! Let's find out who owns them, may be they had no idea about promoting their sites on the same page with underage sexual content links? Lets follow the "enter>>"

button on the first of the sites. We are reaching this place: http://web.archive.org/web/200308100...m.au/main.html.

Well, our luck, we have a link to a company which owns this paysite: http://web.archive.org/web/200307230...enpromote.com/. On the bar at the right we notice links to porn paysites which was

promoted on the same page with underage banner with 15 y.o. in underwear. Let's look around on teenpromote.com.

Wait a minute! Is it really what I see? teenpromote.com links to dailyteenager.com? Exactly dailyteenager.com which contains links to underage sexual content? What a shock! But we should face the fact:


Let's see who are these perverts: http://web.archive.org/web/200308100...m/contact.html

Hmm. This ICQ number 19051100 looks familiar to me... Ofcourse! It belongs to famouse fighter against the illegal activity in the net, including child pornography and underage content. Here's his thread:

http://gfy.com/showthread.php?t=1072777 Compire ICQ number in his signature and one from teenpromote.com. This is the same person! How dare him fight against what was done by his own!! Here's his profile:


No doubts about his connections with illegal dailyteenager.com. Look at this screen, he even promotes this garbage on gfy.com:


The reason for this "investigation" (this criminal loves to use this word on his deceitful site http://stopfilelockers.com/) was this thread http://www.master-x.com/forum/topics/162840/ from AdultKing's

russian colleagues. And you know what? Looks like dailyteenager.com WAS OWNED by AdultKing! It's means HE placed this disgusting banner and HE was to get profit from this.

But some of the respected users of master-x.com don't feel what kind of criminal they support. Even facing the fact that AdultKing's activity was illegal: http://www.master-

x.com/forum/postings/2286259/#2286259 You can translate it here http://translate.google.ru The biggest idea of the message is: he don't care about what scam is AdultKing, he cares only about his profit from

AdultKing's activity. Here's another message from this immoral Lenski http://www.master-x.com/forum/postings/2286335/#2286335 Here he writes that even if it was so (AdultKing was profitting from underage

content), it doesn't changes anything. This one is completely sick: http://www.master-x.com/forum/postings/2286425/#2286425 He asks for documents that the model was underage. 15 y.o. which was declared on

the banner means nothing for him. But files with illegal titles which was uploaded by AdultKing to all these file hostings are enough reason for shutting them down.

Want to know more? Read gfy.com and master-x.com and find that there are persons who fight against pirates are using illegally shared content just like all others: http://www.master-

x.com/forum/postings/2285536/#2285536 And many many interesting things.

I think it's important enough to know for those who cooperate with this criminal.

If you have a ability to show this information to authorities or any persons who can deal with it please do it.

Any information about illegal activity of AdultKing and his accomplices is welcome. You can always find something. Check their domains, their contact info, their companies, their content, their internet

profiles, messages on boards etc. Compare and analyze, use search engines. Internet remembers everything. For example, AdultKing using the same ICQ for selling lolitas and for cooperating to fight with

pirates. Sure some of you guys will find something interesting. Good luck.
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