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InxyAds – крупная сеть, которая объединяет паблишеров и рекламодателей. Мы работаем по-разным моделями оплаты (CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI)

Наши преимущества:

1. InxyAds- лидер по количеству рекламных офферов, в том числе эксклюзивных.

2. Выплаты куда угодно, когда угодно (даже по выходным и праздникам). Берем комиссии на себя.

3. Детальная реал-тайм статистика.

4. Работа со всеми источниками трафика. Любые страны.

5. Возможность индивидуальных условий работы

6. Множество полезных инструментов для работы

7. Возможность выбора узкого таргетинга и оптимизация рекламных кампаний с помощью специального параметра в ссылке

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А ссылка где?

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А ссылка где?

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Inxy Ads

Result-oriented CRYPTO Advertising Network

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Unlim optimize of ads effectiveness

24/7 support

100% traffic buying

from $15 on-demand payment

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For developers and webmasters

We bring in high income to you from your web traffic.

We have a lot of direct advertisers from all over the world, so we immediately buy all your traffic.

We provide ready templates of advertising blocks that you just need to paste into the website.

The templates are created in accordance with the latest trends of affiliate programs and combine:

design and functionality, the optimal level of turning web traffic into income, compatibility with

various platforms and screens.

Become Publisher

By cooperating with InxyAds you get

Full conversion of web traffic into income

No matter what niche your product is in, we will buy all the traffic and create for you a discreet and effective promotional offer.

Safe advertising

All ads are manually verified to avoid prohibited content on your website.

Personal manager-analyst

You will have a personal manager dealing solely with your advertising campaign.

Rate control

You choose the rate per click or thousand impressions by yourself.

Quick launch of ads

You insert the code and immediately start showing advertising. Within 24 hours, we optimize advertising so that it brings the highest income.

Referral program

Earn from 5 % to 10 %. Your percentage grows with your income.

Payouts from $15

We pay whenever you want in a convenient way for you.

Three steps to make a profit with InxyAds

1) Sign up in less than a minute.

2) Get the code and install it on the website or in the mobile app.

3) Get profit from an effective advertising campaign!

Website |Facebook | Twitter

For advertisers

With InxyAds you will find new customers and increase your visibility in the market.

At your service, there is an advertising network with traffic from 192 countries from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

We will create an advertising campaign for you, taking into account the specifics of your business and the needs of the audience. Your personal manager will be monitoring the effectiveness of advertising and constantly improving it.

By cooperating with InxyAds you get

Launch of campaign in less than 24 hours

Sign up and start getting new customers tomorrow.

Performance-related pay

You choose the required indicators: cost per click or thousand impressions, and pay only for them.

Personal manager 24/7

Each advertiser has his own manager who helps to create a campaign and helps to improve its effectiveness and final results.

Transparent reporting

You get all data on advertising in real time.

Security and protection against fraud

Our unique traffic filtering technologies analyze each user and provide the maximum quality of traffic.

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