In myTarget, new metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

In the advertising office myTarget, new financial performance campaigns.

Now, using the extended statistics, advertisers will be able to determine the most effective channels of promotion and more accurately assess the return on investment in digital-marketing.

myTarget clients have access to the statistics on financial indicators: revenue, ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) and the share of ad spending (DDR). They can be calculated for each target advertising campaign alone - or get the total value of all the events.

Revenue shows how valuable targeted actions brought users to your site or app publisher - for example, the purchase of in-game events or payment orders in the online store. DDR reflects the ratio of advertising expenses to the income from it, and ROMI - return on investment on marketing campaigns.

Financial indicators are based on data from counter and fundamental trackers integrated c myTarget, including myTracker.

For more information about the update is available here .

Recall, last week myTarget platform updated tools conversion attribution, greatly expanding their capabilities. Now customers will be able to assess the distribution of targeted actions not only on days of conversion, but also by date ads.

Source: Блог myTarget Pro
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