Pavel Durov called refuse to install apps from the App Store and Google Play

Creator Telegram Pavel Durov criticized in relation to Apple and the Google, will be charged a commission of 30% of the purchases made by users in mobile applications installed through the App Store and Google Play.

«Apple & Google impose insane tax of 30% on all digital products sold on every mobile phone in the world. The result - users pay a higher price, start-ups and the whole industry destroyed or never appear. Regulators ignore this absurd 10 years, "- wrote in his Twitter Durov.

Thus Durov responded to the tweet service Basecamp technical director David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh), which reported that Apple has threatened to remove from the App Store a new email service for Hey, if it does not will be added to the subscription payment directly in the application.

Durov offers as an alternative to install applications on smartphones, either directly or through other app stores, "simply repeating the installation process on the computer applications."

Recall that in January the founder Telegram openly accused Apple's iCloud to spy on users. The basis for this was the information about Apple refusal to encrypt the data are in the cloud, according to the FBI request.

We also note that yesterday Durov presented an ultimatum to Facebook. If, before the end of the week the company did not begin to take responsibility for their own advertising platform, Durov plans to initiate a lawsuit against the social network and its affiliated service Instagram.