Google has published the first issue of a new podcast Search Off the Record

Google Webmasters team announced the release of the first issue of a new podcast with "unofficial" information about the search Search Off the Record.

In this episode, Gary Ilsh Google employees, John Mueller and Martin Splitt discussed issues such as the use of the nofollow attribute, new metrics Core Web Vitals, the difficulty of working from home and other.

  • Changes in the treatment of nofollow

In September 2019 Google announced the upcoming changes in the processing of the reference attribute nofollow - instead directive it will be regarded as a hint.

It was assumed that these changes will be fully launched by March 2020, but this did not happen .

Currently no news on the matter there. At the same time it was announced that Gary Ilsh works more on three new projects in this area, but some significant changes for webmasters, they do not involve, and whether they're running, it's unclear.

According Ilsha, these projects can help identify malicious sites and spamnyh. What they are, he did not elaborate.

  • Nofollow not recommended for use in the transfer sites

During the discussion Ilsh also noted that the nofollow-links are not recommended for use in the transfer site from one domain to another.

It is now working in Google over changes that might solve the problem with the treatment of such links in the future. However, at the moment the best solution for the transfer of sites is the use of common references.

Listen to a 30-minute edition is entirely possible on a page link .