Yandex.Music sounded in the Navigator

In the Navigator appeared Yandex.Music - it displays a separate icon on the Home screen. Now, to listen to your favorite tracks or new podcasts on the go, no need to switch between applications, only one Navigator.

Inside - the familiar Yandex.Music. One click, and the driver directly in the Navigator can pick the tracks for the ride. You can turn on the playlist of the day, the last album of your favorite artist or podcast manually on the screen or voice.

For voice control music meets Alice. Since it will be more convenient, safer, and will not be distracted from the road. It will help to find the right song or podcast, and if you do not have ideas, you can ask: "Alice, include something cheerful." Yet it can deliver a song paused or switched to the next one.

During the trip, The music is curtailed to a mini-player - there will always be seen on the map and the route that is currently playing. There you can switch tracks and laykat. To enjoy them at full volume, it is better to connect to the car audio system via a cable or Bluetooth.

Andrew Gevak, head Yandex.Music:

"Yandex.Music inside the Navigator - a unique event for our market. Service has long gone beyond the music application, and lives not only in phones, but also in columns with Alice, karsheringe and now - in your car. We want to make music and podcasts have been even closer to the people and are always on hand at the right moment. "

Music is now available to all users with a subscription Yandeks.Plyus Navigator in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. If the subscription is not present, the first 7 days of music, you can use free of charge and without reference card. Then it is necessary to issue Yandeks.Plyus - it gives the opportunity to listen Yandex.Music no restrictions on any device and any application to watch movies on kinopoisk, take a taxi at a discount and receive privileges in the other services Yandex.

Recall that in February Yandeks.Navigatore an opportunity to fuel payment by Alice through the service Yandeks.Zapravki contactless payment.

Source: Пресс-релиз Яндекса