Yandeks.Dzen changed the rules of work with tags

For some time now under the materials in Yandeks.Dzene can put a maximum of 5 tags, rather than 10, as it was before.

According to the developers, it does not affect the recommendations of publications - internal data on service users click only on the first tag. In addition, within the article is still possible to place up to 10 tags.

We reduce the number of tags there are two reasons:

  • a decision on the harmonization of the number of tags for different formats of material (soon to become even more!).
  • concern about earnings bloggers - a large number of tags distract the reader's attention and moves the ad unit.

Recall that in late May Yandeks.Dzen launched a support program for new bloggers who create high quality unique content.

And on the service last week said its first anniversary. Zen began five years ago as a news feed on your mobile Yandex Browser, and now it is a major content platforms, which use every day by millions of people.

Source: Яндекс.Дзен