WhatsApp has launched payments within applications

So far, only on the territory of Brazil

WhatsApp Messenger launched electronic payments within the application.

At the moment this functionality is only available in Brazil, but in the near future it will also be launched in other countries.

Innovation will allow users to send money or make purchases from local companies directly in the chat.

Payments to WhatsApp supported via Facebook the Pay . In the future we plan to make it possible to use the same credit card for all of Facebook applications.

Creating a new feature, the developers have taken care of the safety of users. Fees include a six-digit PIN-code and unlock the fingerprint to protect against unauthorized transactions.

To date, WhatsApp supports debit and credit cards of the following banks: Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi based Visa and Mastercard, as well as collaborating with Cielo, a leading payment system in Brazil.

The company also noted that the use of the open model, that in the future the program could be joined by other partners.

For users of money transfers and payments are free of charge and with the companies will be charged a service fee.

When payments WhatsApp will become available in other countries, did not specify when.

Source: WhatsApp
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