Visa and Yandeks.Kassa marketpleys opened a joint business

Yandeks.Kassa joined the project company Visa to support small businesses - "# prokachaybiznes". In the framework of the Visa and Yandeks.Kassa jointly created marketpleys in which small companies can locate products and services, as well as offering discounts for customers.

With the new marketpleysa companies can promote products and services on the internet to attract more customers and better able to adapt to changed circumstances. Thus Yandeks.Kassa Visa and we decided to help small businesses cope with the isolation mode.

Already in marketpleyse Yandeks.Kassy Visa and its offer to host more than 1,600 companies. All of them are distributed in convenient categories - for example, products for the home and garden, health and beauty, education and self development. To attract marketpleys as many users, Visa and Yandeks.Kassa will actively promote it on the Internet with the help of contextual advertising, videos, and in other ways.

Oksana Korobkina, Director of the Department of Commerce Yandex:

"Our goal - to support small companies. Marketpleys Visa and Yandeks.Kassy with offers and discounts for customers is targeted at both the online and in the offline business. With our new platform companies that are already working on the Internet, will be able to increase the flow of customers to their sites, and those who are just going to go out with sales online will be able to do this effectively. "

Place your offer in marketpleyse can any Russian company, which is connected to Yandeks.Kasse and turnover of which does not exceed 2 million rubles per month. It's enough to site cashier fill out a short application. It is necessary to tell about the business, products, services and discounts, if any. If the company still does not work with a payment solution, it can also connect to the Cashier site .

Recall that in late May Yandeks.Kassa launched a special solution for marketpleysov and online services that offer products and services of merchants on their platforms. Yandeks.Kassa platforms helps one site to control the financial flows between buyers and sellers, as well as reduce paperwork.

Source: Пресс-релиз Яндекс-Денег

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