Google trims site. Does anyone here does disguise?

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we see that Google is to reduce the domain of the site since December. That is, Google search with the help of «site:» team we see a low point - less than 10 pages, often 1 or more.

When I ask a specific subpage, whether it is in the index, it seems to be there, but you can not see it on the site: We also see that he was not ranked for key search phrases. This is how these additional sub-index.

I have noticed that if we associate the domain, for example, of PBN, and it quickly becomes visible on hundreds of keywords, then suddenly Google «says it." Domain loses visibility, and after the site: you can see several subpages.

I especially noticed it on domains that are in disguise. You see something like this? I wonder why Google domains marks on and off their site.

Which supplier, in your opinion, has the best base for Google ip data masking?

"Ip grabber" I see from server logs, that not all Google ip

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I can offer PhP write a script that will detect bots, if you are interested, write to @ smarthelp80

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