GoDaddy Domain Locking

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Hello everyone!

GoDaddy has blocked my domain, and access to the entire account (which are additional domains).

In correspondence with them, they say that the lock has occurred due to violation of "Universal Terms of Service and Domain Registration Agreement"

I tried to contact them, but received only a very general answer.

Who was in a similar situation? What can be done?

The goal - such as free domain name that would make a redirect.

Violation of that was on the site due to the violation of the intellectual property right holder and probably dashed off.

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And you broke?

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alexanderg1995, Regal domains Korea and India

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And you broke?

let's say yes

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alexanderg1995, Regal domains Korea and India

this is a good tip for the future ... what to do with the site?

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those. you have broken, to tell about it here admitted, GoDaddy also acted according to the rules, and you, in spite of the fact of infringement, want to be forgiven? so what?

in the current situation, in my opinion the domain can not be helped. Especially if you do not deny the fact of violation.

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Yes, there was a copy of the content and design of the site snitched on me to GoDaddy. I immediately removed all duplicate content. And I had passed.

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I received today, a couple of hours ago exactly the same letter. Blocked domain. I wrote in support. Domain for more than 5 years. Waiting ..

Two weeks ago ipage hosting blocked and gave access to the base and to the files of the same site. They also host more than 5 years.

No crime I did not. I guess started some kind of struggle with drug stores without a license, although my site is difficult to call the pharmacy. But if you really want, then I think we can and owl on the globe pull.

Copy the content I have not exactly been

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alexanderg1995, Regal domains Korea and India

Do not tell me smart registrars? To these problems do not poznikalo? thank

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poexusa, do not tell me it's my job, I will not give my bread

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A support lists all the possible items disorders (me not included) about the pharmacy said nothing.

Somebody domain deduced from the ban? It is generally really do?

The Status the Domain: clientTransferProhibited

The Status the Domain: clientUpdateProhibited

The Status the Domain: clientRenewProhibited

The Status the Domain: clientDeleteProhibited

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