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Business incubator "Fenix" - is a web service created by the Fund to support entrepreneurs "Fenix" , which aims to support people who want to start their own businesses and taking their first steps in business. Business Incubator "Fenix" is an ideal test platform, which you can try your hand in the business without any risk or cost. Using the services of a business incubator you get: 1. The ability to use European company details for transactions worldwide. 2. consultation 3. Accounting 4. Legal advice Marketing advice 5. Consulting in the field of IT 6. Help in emigration to the EU 7. The possibility of receiving payments from partners from abroad. For more information about business incubator work can be found here:
Using affiliate program incubator partner receives 10% of the income received by the Fund with each transaction, customers attracted partner. Withdrawal is carried out on bank cards (PaySend, TransferWise, TransferGo) or PayPal account in the system. Receives traffic from the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus (CIS), as well as Poland.

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