Managing big-project on case

Author: Valentina Bahtalovskaya certified specialist Yandex .M Arquette agency FireSEO  

On big budget does not guarantee a steady stream of customers. To achieve the desired results, it is necessary to conduct experiments, make improvements, look for an individual strategy.

Initial data

In our agency asked the official dealer of the brand Schneider Electric for conducting campaigns of Yandex.Market. With good unloading, from the viewpoint of filling the parameters of goods, the number of visits to the client's site is gradually decreased.

To find the cause, has been extensively studied unloading. Analysis showed:

  • Lack of certain elements, for example, typePrefix - it indicates the type or category of product.
  • A large number of parameters in the unloading (very good), but also a large number of empty - a no value. The more complete the full information about the product, the more likely that the proposal will indicate when filtering.
  • Included the option "Automatically show discounts," adds to the proposal the red plate at a discount, if there has been a fall in prices by 5% or more. You do not need to transfer data about stocks through discharge. This option has been disabled.
Example discounts on
  • Errors in the coding of the content:
EXAMPLE encoding knocked
  • Differences in the structure of the file and the structure of the Market, which makes finding the right products in the category in question.
  • Lack of strategies PriceLabs account.

The client was provided with all the information about promotions, goods, statistics.

Operating a project

When you set up was conducted following completion of the elements Online:

  • description of the goods (increased volume, added several keys);
  • parameters (were filled by the customer);
  • Conditions of Sale (sales_notes content depending on the current proposal has been changed several times);
  • ex point;
  • rendered ideally suited to the size of the Market logo.

Bid management in PriceLabs

The client approved the increase in rates in order to occupy the highest possible place. Three weeks was devoted to experimentation, observation spot rate, the prices of competitors on the card until the day the amount has not reached a certain figure. To properly cut costs, but it does not affect orders that were analyzed in the flow PriceLabs categories. It was necessary to find a sharp increase in prices per click and regularity in goods with too high a click:

An example of how to look for cost overruns in PriceLabs

In this case, unnecessarily high CPC was at the sections "sockets", "switches", "Frames". The problem with these sections is that at too high a rate products begin to be displayed on request, which is no longer relevant to the product. For example, searching "frame" out of the 50 categories of products:

Categories of output example of the total request "frame"

To understand how much you can pay per click for this request:

Approximate CPC on request

From 90 rubles simply click on the request, which is not a commodity nothing (if the user was looking for picture frames, and accidentally clicked on the framework for the devices).

Therefore, the management of Yandex.Market important to focus on the questions that relate to the product accurately. These points are tracked through the API:

Column "ID", "Product Name", "Request for which was cliques"

At first glance, the results appear to be satisfactory - consumption increased by 2 times, and visits have only recently reached the previous level:

Visits with of Yandex.Market

But if you look at the number of orders, it is obvious growth. Also decreased the cost of bringing order out of Yandex.Market 30%:

Visits with of Yandex.Market who were buying

If we compare the orders in the same period a year apart, you can see the 2-3-fold increase in performance as well as reducing the number of untargeted visitors:

A comparison of the periods from July to December in 2018 and 2019

A few tips for managing

When working with a big budget you need to carefully monitor what goods "merge" the high price budget.

Particular attention should be paid to the needs, which are derived products. If this is not possible, you can check out the phrases in PriceLabs, whether the rate enough to be displayed on the broader needs.

Unloading also requires careful examination, even if it seems that much has been filled. The information should be useful Yandex - should be important parameters, which are used for filtering and desirable optimized description.

As the final touch - a review of the client's work together:

I want to thank the company FireSEO for fruitful cooperation in the conduct of some of our projects on During the period of cooperation we have received an increase in the number of orders, timely comments managers avoid violations of the rules of the Market and locks. In the current work closely for the removal of one of our projects from the ban on, I'm sure all will succeed.
Vladimir Ermak - marketing company Schneider-24

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