6 tips for effective cooperation with Central Asia in social networks

Social networks are one of the most effective tools for the study of the target audience. Many users form opinions about products and services, based on information found on social networks. It will be a great omission not to use it to increase the involvement of its customers and increase sales.

Before you start working on the creation of attractive online image of your business, you should collect some data and develop an effective marketing strategy. Wherein:

  • Be specific in defining the ultimate goals.
  • note that generate traffic and increase sales in the social networks can take a while, be patient.
  • focus on building supportive relationships in social networks.

The following discussion focuses on how to get the most out of the study of their audience in social networks.

1. Make a portrait of the average buyer

The first thing to do - is to identify the main features of their potential clients to get a clear idea of what kind of people make up the CA of your product or service.

Major international brands can serve thousands or even millions of customers. They are easy to generate the ideal content that will resonate with all potential buyers. Targetiruya too broad user audience, as a result, they can get a fairly low percentage of conversions.

Therefore, the creation of a detailed image of the average buyer is an important step in any marketing strategy. People like personalized approach. They want to know that you are running it for them, not for a certain average consumer. To gain their attention and confidence, it is advisable to understand their interests and priorities in life.

If your business is aimed at a wide audience, divide it into segments and match individual approaches for each of them. Let you and spend more time and effort, the results are much better than if you cut one size fits all.

2. Examine the interaction with other users of the brands

Creating a portrait of the average buyer, among other things, pay attention to the fact, as representatives of your target audience interact with other brands. Watch how they behave on the competitor platforms, what content and sales offers they like the most. So you can go the beaten track and quickly find the key to the heart of the potential buyers. Also, you will understand in what circumstances you can experiment and stand out from the crowd, and where better not to risk and stick to the traditional methods.

3. Determine the size of your CA in social networks

Most of the popular social networking sites offer easy-to-use search tools, and analysis of the target audience. For example, Twitter and LinkedIn have advanced search by name, keywords, email addresses, etc.

Facebook also helps brands to determine the size of their target audience. There you can spend a quick market research by several key characteristics (eg, gender, city of residence, interests), and get to know your audience.

For example, you need to contact a resident of Moscow aged 20 to 50 years old who love oatmeal cookies. Facebook will tell you that 60 000 users match your criteria. Now you can get started with a selected audience and grow from her customers loyal to your brand.

Brands just starting to use social networks to promote, the SMM experts recommend to target a narrow niche, test various marketing strategies and present their content gradually more and a wider audience. Do not be discouraged if at first your target audience would be quite small. Think about how you can change your suggestions to extend it.

Some useful tools for working with Twitter:

  • Followerwonk
  • TweetReach
  • Twazzup
  • Twitonomy

Also useful are tools, timing control for multiple platforms. For example, Hootsuite is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and several other social networks.

4. Conduct interviews

Promotional offers and useful, original content - a win-win tools to attract the target audience, nurturing brand loyalty and satisfaction of customer needs . But it is difficult to generate consistently outstanding marketing ideas, and at a certain point, your creativity can dry out.

If you do not know what to write and how to impress your subscribers, then simply ask them about it. Divide your target audience into segments and explore it in depth, using a special questionnaire for each category.

A few tips for writing poll:

  • Ask questions that will interest your audience.
  • To express himself simply and clearly.
  • Passage of the survey should take no more than 2-3 minutes - 3-5 issues enough.
  • If you need to ask more questions, to warn the user that the survey will take longer than five minutes.
  • Leave a couple of questions open, to allow participants to express their opinions, ideas, suggestions and complaints.

Worried that your survey will be ignored? Make it more attractive by offering a special bonus, a small discount or a gift. This may be a corporate set of labels, free access to the private webinar, funny GIF card, thank you note or any other pleasant things that can cause sympathy for your brand.

Creating a poll is quite simple, especially with the help of common tools and platforms:

  • google Forms
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Pollfish
  • Typeform
  • zoho Survey
  • SurveyGizmo

5. Communicate with your CA via instant messengers

Despite the rapid growth in popularity of applications such as the electronic messaging WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Viber and WeChat, marketers are in no hurry to experiment with these platforms.

This is a great opportunity to start working in the not yet crowded niche. The sooner you do, the easier it will be to beat the competition. Users will appreciate the quick access to your brand, the opportunity to ask questions, it is easy to buy goods and services, to resolve disputes, and so on. D.

You can also increase customer engagement and effectiveness of your brand in social networks using chat bots. It's quick and easy to use program that collect useful data for further analysis.

A few ideas for using chat bots:

  • Collect the most frequently asked questions and publish them in the Q & A special lists.
  • Ask users about their impressions of communication with the chat bot and correct deficiencies.
  • Add a pinch of humor in the answers to entertain the audience.
  • Publish some screenshots of funny dialogues.

Chat bots are available in the Telegram, Viber and Twitter. Also you can create your own free chat-bot in the Facebook Messenger.

6. Maintain customer loyalty

Once you have collected and analyzed the survey results, it's time to use the knowledge acquired to strengthen the brand's presence in social networks.

Several content ideas that will help you communicate more effectively with your audience:

  • Engage users fun and interesting facts about your brand or industry.
  • Ask questions in their posts to entice users to leave comments.
  • Visualize the successful quote. People pay more attention to the visual content. They will read the whole post, only if the image will intrigue them.
  • Reduce the degree of venality. Your brand needs to be informative, useful, educational and social networks. Allow customers to thoughtfully decide instead to put pressure on them.
  • Share personal. Invite people behind the scenes of the business. Share photos of your team, tell real stories about accidents in the workplace, remove the labor process on video.

Alone high-quality content is not enough to entice users to follow the brand. You need to prepare a well-thought-out calendar of publications, including posts about the holidays, sales, special offers and other events.

Identify times when users are most active, and share content at this time. Also, you should be prepared to answer customer questions at any time to suit their needs before the competition.

Promote your business on social networks will never be an easy task, since the popular platforms and user behavior are constantly changing. Sometimes you need to test new marketing strategies and to experiment with the content to move forward. Step by step you will learn how it all works, and each of your marketing campaign will be more successful than the previous one.

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