FAQ: several companies at the same address in the Google My Business

Author: Ellis Miriam (Miriam Ellis) - founder of Solas Web Design, has been supporting Moz Local product responds to all the questions on a local SEO company on the forum.

How to register with the Google My Business, if you have multiple companies or offices at the same address? How many pages can I make? What determines the competence and what penalties threatened in the event of an error? How to name the company, located at the same address?

Rules on Google placement Company information contains answers to most questions related to registered businesses at the same address. In this case, the lack of information about some of the details can be confusing and lead to errors.

In this article we will look at the most common questions that business owners and marketers pick up on this topic.

1. I have several businesses at the same address. Can I have multiple pages in the Google My Business?

If you legally manage several different from the legal point of view, businesses, usually, you can create a page for each of them.

In general, it is not such a rare situation when a few companies are as a general address.

2. How do I know whether the company's different enough to be eligible for the individual pages in the GMB?

If every company, which you control, is registered with the relevant authorities, the tax has a unique identifier, a single phone number, and in these hours of operation of its employees serving customers in person, then she has the right to a separate profile.

3. Can the service area to include several companies at the same address?

Google has historically belonged to the SAB (Services Area Business - the company or individual entrepreneur that serve a certain area) other than the traditional companies, receiving customers in office.

Although the official Google policy does not prohibit the listing of several SAB at the same address, in the industry it is not considered a best practice. According to specialists, the Google more actively blocks SAB in this scenario, even if the companies / businesses are really different. In this regard, it is best to avoid sharing SAB placement.

4. What can a company ineligible for individual profiles in Google My Business to the same address?

If your company is not registered as separate entities or they do not have their own phone number, then you will not be able to create separate profiles for them.

In addition, if your business - it is just a different range of goods or services, which are offered under the aegis of a single company (eg a worker who repairs and water heaters, and air conditioning), they can not get the individual profiles.

5. whether sanctions are possible if I run a few non-compliant businesses at the same address?

Yes it is possible. Google may at any time suspend one or more of these profiles. This means that it will remove the profile and related reviews.

6. Do business addresses Assist convince Google, I have two addresses, and I have more than one profile in the GMB?

No. Google does not pay attention to a business address ( «suite numbers» - the address of the company within an office building) - both legitimate and bogus. Do not waste time trying to make one location like a few, assigning different business addresses their units to qualify for the right to create multiple profiles.

7. Is it possible to create a profile for a company that is located in the coworking?

If your company has a unique direct phone number to which you take calls, and in the space of coworking in the specified working hours are your employees, then yes, you may qualify for listing in Google My Business.

However, if the other companies at the same address indicated the same category or competing with you for the same search queries that you or your competitors may be removed from Google's local unit issue in connection with the common elements.

8. How many profiles can I have if my address is on several seasonal business?

If the summer in your house is a fruit tray, and in the winter - a point to sell Christmas trees, you should carefully follow the recommendations for seasonal companies on Google.

That each company had the right to be listed, it must have year-round signboard and pointing, and then delete the opening hours of GMB in the opening and closing of the season. Each object must have your name, phone number, and category.

9. How should I call the company if they are located at the same address?

To reduce the risk of filtration or penalties, companies located in one place, should pay close attention to their names.

In general, there are the following five situations:

  • If one company is contained within the other, as in the case of McDonald's inside the Walmart, in the Google My Business names must be «McDonald's» and «Walmart», instead of «McDonalds inside Walmart».
  • If brands such as Taco Bell and Dunkin 'Donuts, located in the same place, they should not combine their names in the profiles. They must either create a single listing with one of the names, or if the brands operate independently, a unique profile for each individual brand.
  • If the profiles reflect existing departments within the company - for example, sales and dealership parts department Chevrolet - then correctly name the profiles "Division sales Chevrolet» and «Department Parts Chevrolet». If units of different names, have separate phone numbers and categories in the GMB, then no penalties for the use of brand names should not be.
  • If the brand sells another brand - for example, Big-O Tires sells Firestone, - do not include the branding of the product sold in the name of the company in the GMB. In this case, Google stipulates that if the company is an authorized seller of goods or services, you can use the name of the corresponding brand when creating a profile, for example «TCC Verizon Wireless. Premium retailer. "
  • If the owner creates several companies in one place, it is better to have their names differ. For example, a person operating a pottery workshop and a center for the care of pets in the same building, can reduce the filters likely fines and other problems, if it is to avoid overlapping titles such «Rainbow Pottery» and «Rainbow Pet Grooming» one and the same place.

10. Is it possible to create individual pages for meetings, workshops and other events at the same address?

Unfortunately, this question GMB official recommendations do not give a precise answer. According to Google, can be set up such listings for all locations that you do not own or do not have the right to represent them.

At the same time, even if you own the building, to create such profiles do not work. For example, the college can start separate pages for different departments on campus, but can not create separate profiles for each course offered.

Another example - a yoga instructor who conducts classes in three different locations. If the owners of buildings will give him permission to list these addresses along with other instructors, such activity may be regarded as spam, and listings - subjected to filtration due to common elements (yoga class) in one name and the same address.

Furthermore, these pages can compete with the profiles of buildings, which are the instructors.

Since Google's policy in this case is not sufficiently clear, there is a certain freedom of action. So here you can proceed at your discretion, but these profiles are viewed as experimental - in the event that Google at some point decide to remove them.

11. How do I configure different hours for different functional units?

Configuring multiple modes of operation relevant to a limited number of companies.

For example, at a gas station can be a store that is open from 6:00 to 22:00, with the speakers themselves are working around the clock.

Google gives the following guidelines for such enterprises:

  • Banks. Enter the hours of operation of the operating room or the time when customers can get service without leaving the car. ATM, create a separate page with the schedule of operation of the device.
  • Motor. Add car sales hours. If they are different, enter the sale of new cars watch for new and used vehicles.
  • Gas station. Specify the times when the visitor can fill the car.
  • Restaurants. Add the hours when you serve visitors at the tables or sell takeout food. If both options do not fit, check that customers can buy food in the comfort of the car, or add schedule delivery service.
  • Warehouses. Specify the schedule of office hours. If this is not an option, add a time when the main entrance is open.

12. Can the information on my page by data from another company at the same address?

Not so long ago in the blog on the topic of local SEO is often met documented cases of so-called "association listings."

In these situations, details such as similar or common names, addresses and phone numbers, could lead to the fact that Google combines two listings together. The result could be instances where one of the reviews have appeared in the other profile.

In recent years, Google has largely eliminated this bug. However, such errors are given to understand that every company should have its own phone number and, if possible, a unique name and category.

13. Why is only one of my companies, at the same address, ranked in the Local Pack?

The most common cause of this situation is to filter the companies because of the common elements in the listings.

If you try to create multiple pages for companies at the same address who share common categories GMB or competing for the same keywords, Google filters will leave only one option for ranking in the local unit issue.

For this reason, the creation of multiple listings for businesses that have the same category or industry is not the best practice, and such a situation should be avoided.

14. Google filtered out my listing for co-location. What to do?

This issue has become particularly relevant after the launch of the filter Possum in September 2016. Company with one location (or even in the same area), which have a general category and compete for the same demands, often find themselves in a situation where their listing removed from the local issuing unit, while the other company or competitor close ranks high.

Attempts to provide a variety of Google search results has led to the fact that the search engine filters out those companies that seem to be too similar if they are very close to each other.

If you are in the same building with his rival, but your listing does not appear in the local unit of issue, use the increase in scale of the map and see if your company will be. If you see, it is quite possible that the reason for the absence of your listing in the unit - filtering.

What to do? There are several solutions to this problem. As a last resort you can move your company in the part of town where you will not have to share the address with other companies, and close to where you will not have competitors.

A more practical option - an audit of your competitor, compare it with their metrics to understand why Google chooses to display its listing in the search results.

Based on the audit results, it will be possible to create a strategy to circumvent the competitor to Google stopped filtering your company.

instead of a conclusion

There is nothing wrong with a few companies to use a single address. The Google Local index is full of companies that are in this situation, but it is well ranked and are not afraid of punishment. The key to the success and security in this case - the attention to detail.

Avoid filtering and improve the position will help you estimate compliance, accurate and fair representation of the brand, as well as compliance with the recommendations of Google and use the best industry practices.

Source: Moz.com

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