How to estimate the cost of contextual advertising. Step-by-step instruction

Author: Konstantin Trebunskih, ppc-specialist digital-agency Original Works

When contacting various advertising agencies to calculate the budget owners and marketers are faced with the fact that they called the sum, which is convenient behalf of the Agency. Typically, this amount will be the preposition "of", and invest an amount less than virtually meaningless. In various agencies, this amount will vary from 10-20k 1 million and infinity. So how to choose the optimal amount of the budget?

The first method is based on the data

If there is some data on contextual advertising, then you need to calculate the cost of the application. It is necessary to divide the amount spent on a number of applications. Suppose received 200 rubles per application. Then it is necessary to understand how many of these applications a day can handle the sales department, for example, 10, and multiply that amount by the number of days in the month (February). Then, the resulting number is multiplied by the price of the application. So you will get the necessary budget. In our case it is 56 000 rubles.

It is important to take into account several nuances:

  • if the sales department is closed on weekends, then you need to consider the working days. If the sales department can handle 10 requests per day, and on weekends you come, the 20 applications, then on Monday you want to process a total of 30 applications. This means that customers will wait longer time (and your application intercept competitors), or testing of applications will be at the expense of quality. In February, 19 days, then the budget will be 38 000 rubles;
  • It can and should be considered as a budget for each channel separately because they have different efficiency and sheer volume of leads.
  • further desirable to allocate 10% of the core budget for experiments. So you can find new cheap sources of applications or systems to test innovations first and collect all the cream.

This is perfect, which few people use. Or business does not share data with the agency, or in business in general do not have these data.

The second way - Mathematics

In general, he does not claim to accuracy rather helps determine the order of numbers, that is, spend 20 thousand or 120 thousand, maybe 500,000. Estimate budget in this way can only search advertising in Yandex and Google. To calculate the advertising budget in YAN and MMR use Method №3 (which will be discussed below).

To begin, select the sections / services that we want to advertise. Then we need to collect semantics. For this, we will help wordstat and expansion of Yandex Wordstat Assistant. Choosing a region collecting keys 20-30 on each section / service, it is desirable to simultaneously gather negative keywords, but not critical. This method, and it does not pretend to high accuracy.

Then go to the service budget forecasts by Yandex and substitute to keys if compiled a list of negative keywords, and then in the box below, choose the region in which you want to advertise.

In the resulting forecast of the right to choose 62 traffic (this is getting into the special placement). Then we get down to the bottom, where we will have the final value of traffic (clicks) and their cost. It is important to remember that all data are excluded, so we add another 20%:

We consider the price a clique (consumption + 20%) divided by 2201 clicks = (28567 + 142836) / 2201 = 77.88 rubles worth a click.

Now we find out how much it will cost 1 lead. To do this, you need to know the conversion site. If you have it - insert his, if not, use the sign Roistat service:

My client from the scope of the repair, which services to have an average conversion of 2.50%, that is, for every 100 clicks, or will 2.5 applications per thousand clicks will be 25 applications.

Estimated bid price: 77.88 * 100 / 2.5 = 3315 rubles worth one application with these parameters.

Next we come back to the issue of the processing of applications in sales department and a smooth transition to the first method.

To calculate the budget at Google have their own forecasting tool - Keyword Planner . But the meaning of it is about the same - to calculate the average price of a clique.

After receiving the first data, you will get a real picture of the number and cost of claims, so make budget reassessment.

The third way - Pilot

Allocate a certain amount, which is comfortable for you to get real data and proceed to the first method.

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